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02/15/2015 Ultrasonic Helmet Lets Anyone See Like a Bat
02/14/2015 Carestream Health Donates $1 Million in New Ultrasound Systems to Ultrasound School
02/14/2015 Portable Ultrasound to Detect Potential heart attacks and stroke
02/14/2015 Simplified lung ultrasound protocol shows excellent prediction of extravascular lung water in ventilated intensive care patients
02/14/2015 Simple hand-held ultrasound can diagnose postoperative urinary retention
02/14/2015 Ultrasound Narrows Which Breast Cancer Patients Need Lymph Nodes Removed
02/07/2015 Ultrasound technology championed for speech therapy
02/07/2015 Ultrasound shows reduced tenosynovitis after biologics in RA | Rheumatology
02/07/2015 Ultrasound Accurately Predicts Difficult Intubations
02/07/2015 Daxsonics works toward production of ultra-sharp imagery at 30-50 MHz
02/07/2015 Ultrasound-Assisted Thrombolysis Fails to Boost Thrombus Resolution in Acute Iliofemoral DVT
02/07/2015 DNA Blood Test Gives Women A New Option For Prenatal Screening
01/31/2015 Pulsed ultrasound and microbubbles used to remove carotid plaque
01/31/2015 Estonian Company Offers To 3D Print A Portion of Your Unborn Child
01/31/2015 Targeted MRI/ultrasound beats standard biopsy to detect high-risk prostate cancer
01/31/2015 Initial diagnostic test in ED for chest pain did not affect low rate of heart attack
01/24/2015 New Breast Exam Nearly Quadruples Detection of Invasive Breast Cancers in Women with Dense Breast Tissue
01/24/2015 Holographic Images for Healthcare
01/24/2015 AMSSM Position Statement on Interventional Ultrasound in Sports Medicine and New Curriculum Published
01/24/2015 Debating The Value of Ultrasound In Breast Cancer Screening
01/24/2015 Three tips to avoid costly ultrasound probe damage
01/24/2015 Treadmill, Stairmaster, UltrasoundMachine?
01/24/2015 Ultrasound May Detect Atherosclerotic Disease Before Symptoms
01/18/2015 Ultrasound halo present in giant cell arteritis at baseline, diminishes with treatment
01/18/2015 Signostics gets FDA 510k clearance for handheld bladder scanner
01/18/2015 U.S. ultrasound market will exceed $2 billion by 2020
01/18/2015 Portable ultrasound detected subclinical atherosclerosis, identified candidates for lipid-lowering therapy
01/18/2015 Boy misdiagnosed as having live fetus inside abdomen
01/11/2015 Technical tips to perform safe and effective Ultrasound Guided steroid joint injections in children
01/11/2015 Ultrasound of major salivary glands useful in diagnosis of Sjögren’s syndrome
01/11/2015 Mayo researchers find cancer biopsies do not promote cancer spread
01/11/2015 ASE Confirms Value of Tele-echo Training
01/11/2015 Ultrasound technology made to measure
01/11/2015 Medical Doctors, Korean Medicine Practitioners Clash Over Use of Medical Equipment
01/04/2015 Ultrasound useful for screening for adverse local tissue reaction after hip replacement
01/04/2015 Handheld Ultrasound May Help Monitor Muscular Dystrophy Progression
01/04/2015 Modest growth seen for U.S. contrast agent and radiopharmaceutical market
01/04/2015 Targeted MR-TRUS Prostate Biopsy Accurate
12/26/2014 Using ultrasound to treat stroke
12/21/2014 A clinician's View on Ultrasound Screening for Breast Cancer
12/21/2014 Delivering Drugs on Cue with Ultrasound
12/20/2014 Expanding further into image-guided therapy market, Philips will acquire Volcano
12/20/2014 Noninvasive Prenatal Testing Leads to Fewer Invasive Procedures
12/20/2014 FDA warns against 'keepsake' ultrasound
12/20/2014 New Imaging Catheter for Treatment of Heart Disease Could Reduce Cardiac Intervention Complications
12/20/2014 Potential New Tool for Cervical Cancer Detection and Diagnosis
12/14/2014 High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Best for Pancreatic CA
12/14/2014 Gynesonics promotes transcervical intrauterine ultrasound-guided RF ablation of uterine fibroids
12/14/2014 Philips' new app-based ultrasound may be a game changer for the industry
12/14/2014 Early Results Indicate Potential for Focused Ultrasound to Treat Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
12/14/2014 Top five apps for echocardiography
12/14/2014 No Benefit From Ultrasound Screening in Dense Breasts?
12/07/2014 Connecting Doctors to Patients in Rural Areas With Mobile Technology
12/06/2014 Ultrasound Can Let You Touch and Feel 3D Shapes in Thin Air
12/06/2014 Carestream Introduces New Touch-Based Ultrasound System
12/06/2014 Hybrid SPECT⁄Ultrasound imaging for Sentinel Lmph Node Identification and Biopsy
12/06/2014 Philips Launches Consortium to Drive Creation of Mobile-based Ultrasound
12/06/2014 Konica Minolta Launches New Hand-carried Ultrasound System at RSNA 2014
12/06/2014 O-Mode Ultrasound?
11/29/2014 Ultrasound for treatment of mental illness?
11/29/2014 GPs should offer liver scans to those who drink too much
11/29/2014 3D imaging helps surgeons measure size of tumours
11/29/2014 US start-up aims to disrupt global ultrasound devices market with the launch of a finger-mounted ultrasound probe
11/29/2014 Increased Demand for Ultrasound Guidance Devices Expected to Drive the U.S. Vascular Access Device Market to Over $5 billion by 2020
11/29/2014 Is this the future?
11/29/2014 Western Health of Newfoundland Canada will include fetal gender in 18-week ultrasound reports
11/23/2014 New technique may improve ultrasound imaging through bone
11/23/2014 Handheld ultrasound technology can help medical students improve their physical diagnosis
11/23/2014 Innovative method relieves carpal tunnel syndrome
11/23/2014 The Morocco Project - Ultrasounds for women should be a human right.
11/15/2014 ACR White Paper Aims to Cut Thyroid-Nodule Workups
11/15/2014 Hand-held ultrasound device for assessment of osteoporosis introduced in Europe
11/15/2014 Multifunctional bubbles image and treat
11/15/2014 "Dot-in-circle" sign described as diagnostic for musculoskeletal mycetoma on MRI and Ultrasound
11/15/2014 Health care reform will slow down the USA diagnostic imaging market
11/08/2014 How an old technology (Ultrasound) has become a disruptive innovation in medicine
11/08/2014 Handheld photoacoustic probe produces detailed images of blood vessels, other structures
11/08/2014 South Korea's Thyroid Cancer Rise: A Cautionary Tale?
11/08/2014 Imaging Cancer with Sound and Light
11/08/2014 Contrast enhanced ultrasound expands at Point of Care
11/08/2014 New Breast Imaging Technique May Allow Doctors to Eliminate the Need for Breast Biopsies
11/08/2014 High-speed Intravascular 'label-free' photoacoustic imaging could reveal dangerous plaques
11/03/2014 Will ultrasound-on-a-chip make medical imaging so cheap that anyone can do it?
11/02/2014 Researchers develop new technique to create cellular scaffolding for tissue engineering
11/02/2014 Are my muscular dystrophy drugs working?
11/01/2014 Kidney Stone Imaging Guidelines Not Being Followed in Kids
11/01/2014 Focused Ultrasound Symposium Showcases Latest in Clinical and Research Advances
11/01/2014 Technological Advances Offer 'Unprecedented Opportunity"
10/31/2014 Thieme Publishers to introduce new open source journal "Ultrasound International Open"
10/26/2014 Philips Develops Wind-Up Fetal Doppler Heart Rate Monitor
10/26/2014 New hospital in Qatar to provide to provide point-of-care radiology
10/25/2014 An iPad-based Ultrasound Machine
10/25/2014 Ultrasound a New Tool for Children With Speech Errors
10/25/2014 UK medical students named masters of ultrasound
10/19/2014 VEGFR-targeted ultrasound may improve detection of pancreatic cancer
10/19/2014 Ultrasound-Guided Device Aims To Reduce Central Line Complications
10/19/2014 Robotic echo brings skills of trained sonographers to remote areas
10/19/2014 Step aside, stethoscope — OHSU is championing the Ultrasound alternative
10/19/2014 Stanford engineers develop tiny, sound-powered chip to serve as medical device
10/18/2014 Ultrasound finds RA disease activity despite clinical remission
10/18/2014 Less Radiation-based Imaging in Cardiac Stress Tests Could Add up to Managed Care Win, Study Finds
10/18/2014 SDMS Celebrates Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month
10/11/2014 Musculoskeletal Ultrasound increases diagnostic certainty
10/11/2014 High-intensity Ultrasound Effective for Treating Cesarean Scar Pregnancy
10/11/2014 FDA approves a new ultrasound imaging agent
10/11/2014 Cost Effectiveness of Bedside Ultrasound in Pediatric ER Care
10/11/2014 Bedside Ultrasound has its day – and evangelists galore
10/11/2014 Thync Has Raised $13M To Change Your Mood With Ultrasound Waves (And Electricity)
10/11/2014 Preoperative ultrasound imaging of thyroid cancer essential to preventing additional surgeries
10/11/2014 Wind-up heart rate monitor will help save Africa's babies
10/11/2014 Microbubbles Help Ultrasound See Blood Vasculature Like Never Before
10/11/2014 ZetrOZ gets grants to develop therapeutic ultrasound for astronauts
10/04/2014 FDA seeks permanent injunction against Pharmaceutical Innovations, Inc.
10/04/2014 More doctors tuned to ultrasound’s frequency
10/04/2014 Handheld ultrasound trounces physical exams for accuracy, cost
10/04/2014 MicroRNA test can improve preop pancreatic cancer diagnosis
10/04/2014 Ultrasound better than Electrodiagnostic Testing for confirming clinical dx Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
10/04/2014 3D Technologies Poised to Change How Doctors Diagnose Cancers
09/28/2014 Low-Frequency Low-Power Ultrasound for Glaucoma
09/28/2014 Ultrasound used to study endangered Irish language
09/27/2014 Indonesian Maternal Healthcare to Benefit from GE Pocket-sized Ultrasound
09/26/2014 Ultrasound could be alternative to second thyroid nodule FNA
09/26/2014 Patients accept false-positives to achieve diagnostic sensitivity
09/26/2014 High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Used to Ablate Renal Tumor
09/26/2014 ACOG, AIUM and SMFM issue recommendations on method for estimating gestational age and due date
09/20/2014 Pilot Study Shows Promise for Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
09/20/2014 Ultrasound as good as CT for initial diagnosis of kidney stones
09/20/2014 Ultrasound pioneer recognised with award
09/14/2014 Frost & Sullivan: Ultrasound is a Key Imaging Modality in Europe
09/14/2014 Real-Time Ultrasound being added to Telemecine Systems
09/14/2014 Bedside Ultrasound in the ER. It's great but does it make a difference?
09/14/2014 Prostate volume measurement for treatment recommendations - the method used makes a difference
09/13/2014 How Well Do Fetal Ultrasound Measurement Predict Infant and Childhood Outcomes?
09/07/2014 Ultrasonography evaluation of peripheral nerve injuries after an earthquake
09/07/2014 Simplifying Needle Guided Procedures: Programmable Button Probe Headlines the New LOGIQ e from GE Healthcare
09/07/2014 Neurosurgeon: Focused Ultrasound Is An Exciting, NonInvasive Treatment On The Horizon
09/07/2014 Window Through The Skin: The Development Of A Pocket-Sized Imaging Device
09/07/2014 Researchers develop technique to predict dangerous growth of abdominal aorta aneurysms
09/07/2014 SuperSonic Imagine Names New Top Management
09/07/2014 Neonatal Chest Ultrasound Better than Radiography in Predicting Need for Intubation
08/31/2014 Surgeon-Performed Ultrasound Bests CT for Chest Wall Invasion in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
08/31/2014 Preoperative neck ultrasound led to improved results for differentiated thyroid cancer patients
08/31/2014 Univ. of Virginia launches clinical trial to use focused ultrasound to treat breast fibroadenomas
08/31/2014 Ultrasound useful for risk stratification after nondiagnostic thyroid biopsy
08/24/2014 Ultrasound Simulator Company Raises £4.7 Million
08/24/2014 Ultrasound imaging of chitosan nerve conduits that bridge sciatic nerve defects in rats
08/24/2014 Sonivate raising $1.6M for ultrasound probe that doctors wear on their finger
08/24/2014 Ultrasound used as latest weapon to combat chlamydia in koala population
08/24/2014 Knee-deep sensing
08/15/2014 Ultrasound controls size of molecules passing blood-brain barrier
08/15/2014 Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound Induces Angiogenesis and Ameliorates Left Ventricular Dysfunction in a Porcine Model of Chronic Myocardial Ischemia
08/15/2014 Guidelines Updated for Contrast Agent Use in Clinical Echocardiography
08/15/2014 Virtual robotic ultrasound and teleconsultation edge closer to reality
08/15/2014 Samsung donates 3 Echocardiography units to JPMC
08/15/2014 Clinical Study to Treat Lower Back Pain On Earth May Help Astronauts in Space
08/15/2014 First Pediatric Patient Treated with Focused Ultrasound in Canada
08/08/2014 GE Expands Vscan’s Capabilities with Dual Ultrasound Probes in Single Handheld Device
08/08/2014 MRI-guided ultrasound treats bone tumour in teen, no incision needed
08/08/2014 Vesselon raising funds for ultrasound-based stroke treatment device
08/08/2014 Market Report: Future Outlook of Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging
08/08/2014 Sonographer Job growth in USA predicted to be 39% for 2012-22
08/08/2014 Elective 3D sonograms booming business
08/02/2014 New Ultrasound device detects brain injury without surgery
08/02/2014 Non-Invasive Intracranial Pressure and Cerebrovascular Autoregulation Monitors Cleared in EU
08/02/2014 Evidence suggests babies in womb start learning earlier than thought: study
08/02/2014 Ultrasound, FibroScan detected liver changes in NAFLD, NASH
08/02/2014 Utility of CIMT Varies With Thoroughness of Assessment
08/02/2014 Ultrasound Effective for Detecting Kidney Stones
08/02/2014 FDA Staff Questions Prostate Cancer Device Effectiveness
08/02/2014 Fewer cardiac screenings may be appropriate for pediatric cancer survivors
08/02/2014 Point-of-care pocket-size ultrasonography performed by medical students
07/31/2014 From Korea: Ultrasonography, Just another Way to Rip off Patients?
07/27/2014 Think it's "No Big Deal" if you lose track of ultrasound cases? Think Again!
07/27/2014 NASA study to address effects of long term spaceflight on ISS astronauts’ hearts
07/27/2014 Giant python has ultrasound heart scan
07/27/2014 Why Your MRI or CT Scan Costs An Arm and a Leg
07/27/2014 NIH Awards Grant to Develop Portable "Self-Reading" Ultrasound System
07/27/2014 Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis) in Sonographers
07/27/2014 NIST shows ultrasonically propelled nanorods spin dizzyingly fast
07/27/2014 Tiny bubbles could propel big countermeasures to chem-bio threats
07/27/2014 Ultrasound Can Be Used to Diagnose Hand Fractures in Children
07/27/2014 Philips receives FDA 510(k) clearance for its VISIQ tablet ultrasound system
07/27/2014 "Gender Reveal Party" carried to the extreme - Live On TV
07/27/2014 New medical probe combines sound and electromagnetic induction
07/20/2014 Fetal echo predicts post natal hypertension and arterial remodeling in 6-month-old IUGR infants
07/20/2014 New International Guidance on 'Focused' Echo Gets ASE Endorsement
07/20/2014 Lung Ultrasound proves useful in the Diagnosis of Pneumonia in Children
07/20/2014 Sonography Students Sue Lake Superior College
07/20/2014 Ultrasound role in airway management
07/20/2014 USPSTF advises against ultrasound screening for carotid artery stenosis as a means to prevent stroke
07/13/2014 Ultrasound tracks odor representation in the brain
07/13/2014 Ultrasound Competency Assessment in Emergency Medicine Residency Programs
07/13/2014 Home self-sonograms for assisted reproduction comparable to in-office imaging
07/13/2014 Pain, Anxiety Linked in Image-Guided Core-Needle Breast Biopsies
07/13/2014 Stress Incontinence in New Mothers Explained by Ultrasound
07/13/2014 Mobile Ultrasound Patrol Improves Maternal Care in Morocco
07/13/2014 Meta study verifies that lung ultrasound performs well for the diagnosis of pneumonia
07/13/2014 Portraits from the womb proliferating
07/13/2014 Simulation based training for ultrasound-guided interventional procedures
07/13/2014 Samsung Sponsors new Training Center in Philippines
07/07/2014 Thyroid ultrasound consensus statement aims to standardize reports
07/06/2014 Scientists Use Ultrasound To Read The Heartbeats Of Young Stars
07/06/2014 Lung Ultrasound Overview Article
07/06/2014 Pimp my ultrasound - an APP for sharing pregnancy pictures with a twist
07/06/2014 InSightec Raises $50+ milion
06/29/2014 New index to predict esophageal variceal bleeding in cirrhotic patients
06/29/2014 Delivering drugs on cue
06/29/2014 Air Apparent: Using Bubbles to Reveal Fertility Problems
06/29/2014 From knife, to needle, to nothing at all, ultrasound surgery of the future
06/29/2014 Routine Ultrasound May Detect Autism in Utero
06/29/2014 Smartcane uses ultrasound to guide blind people
06/21/2014 Manipulating and Detecting Ultrahigh Frequency Sound Waves
06/21/2014 SVU launches Vascular Practice Management Network
06/21/2014 Human blood-brain barrier to be opened by ultrasound
06/21/2014 Moving Particles with Sound Waves
06/21/2014 Man refuses to take deformed baby
06/21/2014 Philips Launches Tablet Ultrasound System in Kenya
06/21/2014 PET/MR Evaluated for Staging Esophageal Cancer
06/21/2014 Ambulance ultrasound trial aims to save lives
06/21/2014 MRI-Guided Ultrasound Relieves Pain of Bone Metastases
06/15/2014 Doppler ultrasound correlates with tissue vascularity and inflammation in Crohn's disease
06/14/2014 Saline as Effective as PRP Injections in Epicondylitis Pain
06/13/2014 Cranial ultrasound better than temporal artery biopsy for GCA
06/13/2014 Harvey Feigenbaum receives Indiana University President's Medal
06/13/2014 Ultrasound Bone Healing System for Home Use
06/08/2014 FDA Approves GE Invenia™ Automated Breast Ultrasound System (ABUS)
06/08/2014 Ultrasound an educational tool for RA patients
06/08/2014 Ultrasound Contrast and Nanoparticles Offer Potential for Better Brain Cancer Treatment
06/01/2014 U.S. Ultrasound Market Grows To All-time High In 2013
06/01/2014 AIUM Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfection of Probes updated
05/24/2014 Ultrasound Beats CT Scan for Kidney Stones
05/24/2014 Ultrasound Aids Venous Thromboembolism Management After Spinal Surgery
05/24/2014 Penile Ultrasound Recommended for Young ED Patients
05/24/2014 Population prevalence of ultrasound features of osteoarthritis in the hand, knee and hip
05/24/2014 IV administered ultrasound contrast agents safe in pediatric oncology patients
05/24/2014 New “T-ray” tech converts light to sound for medical imaging
05/24/2014 Low risk prostate cancer not always low risk
05/24/2014 Contrast-enhanced ultrasound proves highly sensitive and specific for indeterminate renal masses
05/16/2014 Ultrasound-Guided Paravertebral Blocks Best General Anesthesia for Breast Cancer Resection
05/16/2014 Physicists create tractor beam using ultrasound
05/16/2014 Combining Light and Sound For 3-D Mammograms
05/16/2014 Google Glass and a finger mounted ultrasound probe
05/11/2014 French Robotic System Enables Remote Ultrasound
05/11/2014 Ultrasound better than MRI for diagnosis of placenta accreta
05/11/2014 Albuquerque company creates baby sculptures from 3-D ultrasound
05/11/2014 Screening May Help Boost Liver Cancer Survival Rates
05/10/2014 Focused Ultrasound Reduces Cancer Pain
05/10/2014 Ultrasound May Spare Blood Vessel Biopsy
05/10/2014 Ultrasound could replace radiography for detecting pneumonia in children
05/04/2014 Ultrasound for evaluation of inflammatory bowel disease in children
05/04/2014 Program to Enable Focused Ultrasound to Treat a Moving Internal Organ Begins in Europe
05/04/2014 Ultrasound guidance reduces pneumothorax rate and improves safety of thoracentesis in malignant pleural effusion
05/04/2014 A technique to increase the success rate of arterial catheter insertion in infants
05/03/2014 Mass screening decreased mortality rate in HCC Taiwanese patients
05/03/2014 Lymph Node Ultrasound More Accurate in Obese Breast Cancer Patients
04/26/2014 Dual frequency intravascular probe may add in detecting vulnerable plaque
04/26/2014 Quantason files for Bankruptcy
04/26/2014 Ultrasonography, MRI did not accurately measure fatty liver in children
04/26/2014 Dads Bond With Baby During 'Magical Moment' of Ultrasound
04/19/2014 A 3D-Printed Ultrasound Cast That Looks Awesome and Heals You Faster
04/19/2014 Standard Ultrasound Criteria Needed in Carotid Artery Stenosis
04/13/2014 A novel idea - performance guarantee - if it doesn't work, you get your money back
04/13/2014 The rationale for "onsite" ultrasound
04/13/2014 Contrast-ultrasound dispersion imaging for prostate cancer localization
04/13/2014 Analogic received FDA clearance for Sonic Window device
04/05/2014 Quality improvement initiative can reduce unnecessary imaging referrals for adnexal lesions
04/05/2014 Ultrasound: The New Standard of Care for Percutaneous Dilatational Tracheostomy?
04/05/2014 In UK CEUS recommended for liver lesions but practice patterns provide challenge to implementation
04/05/2014 Acute Pulmonary Embolism Trial Confirms Safety and Efficacy of Ultrasound Accelerated Endovascular Thrombolysis
04/05/2014 Astronauts’ Hearts Become More Spherical in Space
04/05/2014 FUJIFILM SonoSite President & CEO Kevin M. Goodwin Steps Down
04/05/2014 Ultrasound provides real-time prostate motion tracking in radiotherapy
04/05/2014 Philips launches innovative compact VISIQ ultrasound system in India
03/28/2014 EU approves 5 year 5.6 mil Euros project to develop FUS therapy for moving organs
03/22/2014 Microbes enhance ultrasound imaging
03/22/2014 Research to improve ultrasound scans aims for better detection of birth defects
03/22/2014 Ultrasound can identify pregnant women at risk for respiratory failure
03/22/2014 Wearable Ultrasound Therapy Device for home pain treatment - at a price
03/16/2014 Ultrasound misses many heart defects in foetuses
03/16/2014 Using ultrasound on the ultrasmall
03/15/2014 Intraoperative ultrasound can change approach to liver resection
03/09/2014 Passive smoking causes irreversible damage to children’s arteries
03/09/2014 Study Suggests Prenatal DNA Tests Should Replace Ultrasound
03/08/2014 Ultrasound helping hospitals reduce medical mistakes
03/08/2014 FDA Grants ZetrOZ U.S. Clearance to Market sam® Wearable Ultrasound Therapy Device
03/01/2014 Bacterial Contamination of Point-of-Care Ultrasound Probes
03/01/2014 Learning USG catheterization no help when switching to landmark based technique
03/01/2014 Expectant parents urged to avoid 'entertainment' fetal ultrasounds
02/22/2014 Ultrasound for Authentication? Google buys start-up SlickLogin
02/22/2014 Single chip device to provide real-time 3-D images from inside the heart, blood vessels
02/22/2014 Diagnostic Imaging Market estimated to reach $26.6 Billion by 2016
02/22/2014 TCD better than TEE for Diagnosing PFO
02/15/2014 Point-of-Care Ultrasound Proves Accurate For Kids With Suspected Appendicitis
02/15/2014 Study questions value of mammography to reduce breast cancer deaths
02/08/2014 China and India Diagnostic Ultrasound Markets are projected to be the hot spots for future growth
02/08/2014 Researchers Solve a Long Standing Nano Mystery
02/08/2014 Ultra-small ultrasound Systems
01/31/2014 Growth in Global Diagnostic Imaging Systems Markets Will Come Primarily From Emerging Markets
01/31/2014 USPSTF revises guidelines on AAA screening - now recommends offer AAA screening to older male smokers
01/31/2014 Women given fake ultrasound photos by entertainment ultrasound business
01/31/2014 SFRP2 -targeted contrast agent allows ultrasound visualization of tumor vasculature in angiosarcoma in mice
01/31/2014 Stethoscope may soon be obsolete
01/26/2014 Sports medicine physical of the future could help athletes 'ESCAPE' sudden cardiac death
01/26/2014 Ultrasound training should be implemented early into medical education programs
01/26/2014 Unlocking the Brain's Secrets Using Sound
01/24/2014 Lab accreditation being required for reimbursement
01/19/2014 A Review of 5 Ultrasound apps for Obstetrics and Gynecology
01/19/2014 Inexpensive Imaging Technology Provides Higher Clarity than Ultrasound, MRI
01/19/2014 Sonivate and Fukuda Denshi Partner to market finger-mounted probe
01/12/2014 Ultrasound directed to the human brain can boost sensory performance
01/12/2014 Lung Flooding Enables HIFU of Lung Tumors
01/12/2014 Nanotechnology and ultrasound for blood sugar regulation in diabetes
01/12/2014 Trial to test using ultrasound to move kidney stones
01/12/2014 10 Signs and Counting. Lung Ultrasound in the Critically Ill
01/12/2014 Delphinus gets FDA clearance for breast ultrasound tomography
01/05/2014 Ultrasound-Assisted Thrombolysis Effective in Higher-Risk Pulmonary Embolism
01/05/2014 Ultrasound microscope identifies cancerous tissue by acoustic profile
01/05/2014 Focused ultrasound used to release cancer drug
01/05/2014 Japanese scientists levitate and move objects around using sound waves
01/05/2014 Combination Protocol Accurately Diagnoses Appendicitis in Kids
12/28/2013 Joint Commission to address minimum qualifications for clinicians who perform imaging exams
12/28/2013 Ultrasound Helps Guide Arthritis Treatment
12/20/2013 Unusual new signs of pneumothorax at lung ultrasound
12/20/2013 Ultrasound in strange places -- a vibrating windshield to replace wipers on your car?
12/20/2013 New ultrasound technique promises to improve triage of chemotherapy based on early tumor response.
12/20/2013 Ultrasound Makes #6 on the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Projections list
12/20/2013 Hospitals to become obsolete, 30% of people would trust themselves to perform their own ultrasound
12/13/2013 Clot-busters, caught on tape
12/13/2013 Clear Guide Looks to Shake Up the Needle Guidance Market
12/13/2013 Wearable Therapeutic Ultrasound A Step Closer
12/08/2013 Death Risk Lower With Contrast Echo in ICU
12/08/2013 CEUS offers new options in treatment of human pancreatic cancer
12/06/2013 PRP Therapy Improves Degenerative Tendon Disease in Athletes
12/06/2013 ACOG, SMFM Recommend CMA as First-Tier Prenatal Test in Case of Abnormal Ultrasound Findings
12/06/2013 Pain-free diagnosis for Motor Neurone Disease?
12/06/2013 Researcher recommends change in standards for ultrasound diagnosis of PCOS
12/06/2013 Drexel Team Seeks to Expand Ultrasound Mediated Transdermal Delivery of Drugs
12/06/2013 Konica Minolta Enters Ultrasound Market
12/06/2013 Tune In, Turn On, Power Up with Ultrasound
12/06/2013 Ultrasound Equivalent to CT for Appendicitis in Children
11/28/2013 Volume quantification by contrast-enhanced ultrasound - Good Enough?
11/27/2013 A super-resolution ultrasound method for brain vascular mapping
11/27/2013 CEUS proves effective for focal liver lesions in pediatric patients
11/24/2013 Diagnostic medical sonography predicted to be 6th fastest growing job over the next 5 years
11/23/2013 Purpose-specific Ultrasound System for IV Starts
11/23/2013 Introducing low-cost OB ultrasound in developing country results in "magnet effect"
11/23/2013 Cephasonics introduces Dragonfly Family of Ultra-Compact Ultrasound Systems
11/23/2013 Purpose-specific Home Ultrasound System for measuring body fat
11/23/2013 Ultrasound and Nanoparticles May Help Diabetics Avoid Injections
11/23/2013 Ultrasound Accelerated Thrombolysis More Effective Than Heparin Alone for Intermediate PE
11/16/2013 Thermal Technique Improves Blood Flow Tracking
11/08/2013 Computers that whisper to each other using ultrasound?
11/08/2013 Off axis but worth viewing - Hypersound - a different way of delivering audible sound
11/08/2013 GE to make India hub for production of ultra low-cost medical devices
11/08/2013 Creepy? Adorable? Pioneering? - you decide. A life-size 3D model of your unborn baby
11/08/2013 Ultrasound Optimizes Radial Access in Randomized Trial
11/03/2013 Cardiac screening for young athletes - feasible but too costly to be practical
11/03/2013 Non-radiologists perform majority of ultrasound-guided invasive procedures
11/03/2013 Acoustic diode may lead to brighter, clearer ultrasound images
11/03/2013 Ultrasound could provide lancet-less method for measuring blood glucose
11/03/2013 First study to evaluate live 3D holographic imaging in interventional cardiology
11/03/2013 Ultrasound-guided Facet joint injections prove faster and equally as effective compared with CT guided injections.
11/03/2013 MRI-Ultrasound Fusion Technique being developed for Ultrasound-Guided Breast Biopsy
10/27/2013 X-Rays Overused in ICU: Ultrasound Safer, Just as Effective
10/25/2013 MR-guided ultrasound shows early promise for knee pain
10/25/2013 FaceTime with iPhone is successful in teaching Cardiac Ultrasound remotely
10/25/2013 GE somo•v Ranked #1 in Women’s Imaging (Specialty) in 2013 Best in KLAS Awards
10/25/2013 Students left hanging despite trade-school settlement
10/25/2013 Hands-Free Ultrasound and tPA for Acute Stroke
10/18/2013 High prevalence of sonographic adenomyosis signs in endometriosis shown
10/18/2013 Researchers call for age-adjusted cutoffs for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
10/18/2013 Study compares CEUS and thermodilution for blood volume measurement
10/18/2013 Surgeon vs Radiologist for Thyroid Cancer Preop Ultrasound? One study says "Surgeon"
10/13/2013 Medical experts recommend steps to reduce risk of inadvertent harm to potentially normal pregnancies
10/13/2013 The End for CCSVI as a cause of MS
10/13/2013 Carotid Ultrasound Better Than CACS at Detecting Subclinical Atherosclerosis in RA
10/06/2013 CEUS emerging as a mechanism for evaluating effectiveness of cancer therapy in children
10/06/2013 MSK ultrasound not useful in early arthritis patients
10/04/2013 Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Offers Better Identification of Prostate Cancer
10/03/2013 Mobisante Launches TC2 Tablet Ultrasound System
10/03/2013 Ultrasound-guided procedures now performed most often by nonradiologists
09/30/2013 ASE issues revised guidelines for pericarditis
09/29/2013 Study confirms ultrasound better than radiography for detection of pneumothorax
09/29/2013 Clinical trial strives to provide optimal care during high-risk pregnancies
09/29/2013 With This Social Baby Heartbeat App, The Ultra-Sharing Threshold Has Been Reached
09/29/2013 Ultrasound art: Baby’s first photo shoot now occurs in utero
09/29/2013 Ultrasound imaging: no need to touch
09/20/2013 Multiple Bilateral Circumscribed Breast Masses Usually Benign
09/20/2013 Study finds ultrasound useful for evaluating osteogenesis resulting from injectable biomaterials
09/20/2013 GE Supporting Indonesia’s First Ultrasound Competency Training for OB/GYNs
09/20/2013 Analogic Acquires Ultrasound Technology Firm PocketSonics
09/20/2013 WINFOCUS Brings Space Station Ultrasound From Orbit to the Ends of the Earth
09/20/2013 Biannual ultrasound cost-effective for HCC screening in cirrhotic patients
09/20/2013 Scottish study uses ultrasound and MRI to document tongue movement in speech
09/15/2013 Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care
09/15/2013 The potential of EM ultrasound looks inexhaustible
09/15/2013 This Doctor Will Save You Money ... Maybe
09/15/2013 Woman sues hospital claiming vaginal ultrasound felt like 'rape'
09/15/2013 Grant Awarded for Bedside Ultrasound Training at UCLA
09/15/2013 Ultrasound Device Developed to Image Morbidly Obese Patients
09/07/2013 Underwater Echocardiography Finds Significant Heart Changes in Divers
09/07/2013 fTCD study suggests language and tool-making skills evolved at the same time
09/07/2013 Sterile ultrasound gels assessed for evidence of neurotoxicity in regional anesthesiology
09/07/2013 Philips launches EPIQ premium ultrasound system
09/07/2013 Low-risk thyroid cancers are overdiagnosed and overtreated
09/07/2013 Nationwide Children's Radiologists Train Military Physicians in Foreign Body Removal Techniques
09/07/2013 Focused Ultrasound Foundation establishes pIoneering research initiative in London
09/01/2013 AIUM develops online portal for ultrasound in medical schools
09/01/2013 Turbulence in cardiac ultrasound
09/01/2013 Implanted ultrasound device opens up Blood-Brain Barrier
09/01/2013 Ovarian cancer screening sudy report. It works....but
09/01/2013 Study reveals ultrasound characteristics associated with cancer in thyroid nodules
09/01/2013 Volcano Corp. to acquire Medtronic’s Ultrasound Catheter technology
08/25/2013 Device aims for early detection of cancer cells by identifying their sound
08/25/2013 Multicenter trial finds BI-RADS 3 breast lesions have low cancer rate
08/25/2013 Get umbilical artery S/D ratio in IUGR
08/25/2013 Ultrasound Screening Strategy Doesn't Affect Hip Dysplasia Outcomes
08/25/2013 High proportion of Canadian patients with HIV-HCV co-infection and liver cirrhosis are not having ultrasounds to check for liver cancer
08/18/2013 MRI-ultrasound fusion permits targeted biopsy for prostate cancer
08/18/2013 Another study fails to validate Zamboni MS theory
08/18/2013 Use ultrasound to pay for a cab?
08/18/2013 Focused Ultrasound Surgery Beneficial for Essential Tremor
08/11/2013 Farewell to a Champion - Dr. Alvaro X. Terán Varela retires from the Clinical Challenge...more
08/09/2013 Dental imaging start-up takes new approach to ultrasound
08/09/2013 Beat Back Pain With Ultrasound?
08/09/2013 The role of chest ultrasonography in the management of respiratory diseases - Basic Overview
08/03/2013 AHRA and Toshiba Launch Sixth Annual Putting Patients First Program
08/03/2013 Veebot Robot uses infrared video and ultrasound to find a vein and draw blood
08/03/2013 Ultrasound Patch Heals Venous Ulcers in Human Trial
08/03/2013 Simple ultrasound treatment may help protect the kidneys
07/28/2013 New Optoacoustic Imaging Technology Shows Promise
07/28/2013 Ultrasound Echo intensity correlates with muscle strength in elderly men
07/28/2013 Non-imaging Clinical Lab-On-A-Chip Ultrasonic device diagnoses disease in 30min
07/28/2013 Screening Echo No Help for Public at Large
07/20/2013 Siemens shakes up U.S. elastography market with Virtual Touch
07/20/2013 New report helps clinicians decide when to order vascular laboratory tests
07/20/2013 Japanese company offers 3D print of baby's face
07/20/2013 Mindray closes on acquisition of Zonare Medical
07/20/2013 Ultrasound Waves Alter Subjects' Moods
07/14/2013 Robotic ultrasound 'can aid treatment of kidney cancers'
07/14/2013 Breast elastography: the pros and cons
07/14/2013 Nisenbaum Named President-elect of WFUMB
07/14/2013 Surgical resident develops system to detect clotting blood
07/12/2013 Guidelines on Use of Ultrasound Gel
07/05/2013 Research study finds ultrasound underestimates size of primary breast cancer.
07/05/2013 Ultrasound from odd places: Hawkmoths zap bats with sonic blasts from their genitals
07/05/2013 DOTmed special report on Ultrasound
07/05/2013 Philips unveils healthcare project in Ghana
07/05/2013 Cell-free DNA screening for trisomies yields reliable results
07/05/2013 Turn ultrasound into high-class canvas artwork in a snap
06/29/2013 ARDMS Awarded a Patent for System to Assess Instrument Operator's Competency
06/29/2013 Dental applications abound for ultrasound imaging
06/29/2013 Ghana's Health Ministry Signs MoU With GE Healthcare
06/29/2013 Targeted drug delivery could be transformed by microbubble technology
06/22/2013 Focal•One Robotic High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Prostate Cancer Gets Green Light in EU
06/22/2013 Trial Points to Ultrasound as New Standard for Sarcoidosis Dx
06/22/2013 Focused Ultrasound Foundation Awarded $600,000 Grant for Parkinson’s Research
06/22/2013 Mirabilis Medica pulls in $13M financing to develop therapeutic ultrasound for fibroids
06/14/2013 Ultrasound as Gold Standard for Hernia Diagnosis?
06/14/2013 A cautionary tale for ultrasound equipment purchasers
06/14/2013 'Fast track' ultrasound based dx of giant cell arteritis significantly reduces risk of blindness
06/14/2013 Mindray to Acquire ZONARE Medical Systems
06/09/2013 Mobisante Announces Series A Financing to Expand Sales and Marketing
06/09/2013 Sonar Could Let Your Body Talk to Machines Better
06/09/2013 4-D scans may show babies cry in the womb
06/09/2013 Microbubbles Ultrasound Contrast Agent for Emergency Cardiac Diagnostics
06/09/2013 New Down’s syndrome blood test 'more reliable'
06/09/2013 Sonography Community Gathers to Revise the Profession’s Scope of Practice
05/31/2013 No long-term follow-up for benign thyroid nodules
05/31/2013 GE Healthcare acquires Unisyn Medical Technologies
05/31/2013 Onsite cytopathology improves pancreatic biopsy quality
05/31/2013 GE Healthcare to Double Ultrasound System Production Capacity in Korea
05/31/2013 New technique alleviates painful bone metastases
05/17/2013 Commercial pranks fathers-to-be with fake fetus ultrasound
05/17/2013 Study Finds Plasmin—Delivered Through a Bubble—More Effective Than tPA in Busting Clots
05/17/2013 'Good Vibrations:' Brain Ultrasound Improves Mood
05/10/2013 A glimpse of the logical next step in POS Ultrasound
05/10/2013 CEUS for localization of pathological parathyroid glands
05/10/2013 Ultrasound effective in early psoriatic arthritis patients
05/10/2013 Ultrasound expedites pediatric emergency evaluations
05/10/2013 Moth Smashes Ultrasound Hearing Records
05/10/2013 Pioneer Develops 3D Hologram Printing of Fetal Face Ultrasound
05/10/2013 Signos Sonimage P3, Handheld Ultrasound Receives FDA Approval
05/03/2013 New Image Fusion-Guided Biopsy Improves Accuracy of Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
05/03/2013 NASA Ultrasound Chosen For Space Technology Hall Of Fame
04/28/2013 Wireless scanner combines 3D ultrasound and image processing in a hand-held device
04/28/2013 Overweight Pregnant Women Need More Ultrasounds
04/28/2013 Using microbubbles to improve cancer therapy
04/28/2013 Ultrasound of Vocal Cords Could Reduce Laryngoscopies
04/28/2013 Transvaginal ultrasound recommended for suspected ectopic pregnancy
04/28/2013 Ovarian dermoid cysts recur in 11% of adolescents
04/19/2013 Ultrasound recommended for diagnosis of pseudotumors in asymptomatic MoM hips
04/19/2013 Fiducial Marker Placement by Interventional Radiologists is OK
04/19/2013 Medicare Establishes Code and Payment for MR guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) Therapy for Bone Mets
04/19/2013 Ultrasound as less invasive imaging method for bowel disease
04/19/2013 US assessment of specific joints is sensitive for detecting inflammation during clinical remission
04/19/2013 Space to Earth Ultrasound Project Lands Henry Ford Physician in Hall of Fame
04/13/2013 Mobisante launches Windows tablet-based ultrasound system
04/13/2013 Will ultrasound come to our homes?
04/13/2013 Ultrasound Upstaged!? Embryo videos: taking new baby's first photos
04/13/2013 New breast imaging algorithm brings improved breast cancer diagnosis and treatment to Uganda
04/13/2013 Handheld ultrasound outperforms cardiologist's physical exam
04/07/2013 New Interspecies Brain-to-Brain Interface Allows a Human to Wag a Rat’s Tail
04/07/2013 University of South Carolina School of Medicine hosts first conference on ultrasound in anatomy and physiology education
03/29/2013 Focused on a cure: Neal Kassell's vision of the Focused Ultrasound Center at UVA
03/29/2013 Marsha Neumyer, BS, RVT, to Be Honored With the AIUM Distinguished Sonographer Award
03/29/2013 Treating moving tumors with ultrasound
03/29/2013 AIUM Joseph H. Holmes Basic Science Pioneer Award to Be Presented to Christy K. Holland, PhD
03/29/2013 Robotically assisted, ultrasound-guided laparoscopic cervical cerclage performed
03/23/2013 Radiology Experts Travel to Haiti to Educate Local Radiologists and Pediatricians
03/23/2013 Ultrasound and Nanoparticles Show Which Way the Stem Cells Went
03/15/2013 Baby's ultrasound looks like evil Star Wars emperor Palpatine
03/15/2013 Dundee University scientists to develop ultrasound version of pillcam
03/15/2013 Ultrasound increases accuracy of central line placement in children
03/10/2013 Novel marker helps identify preeclampsia risk in pregnancy
03/10/2013 New Material Converts Ultrasound Waves into Optical Signals
03/03/2013 In rheumatology research study, ultrasound findings were predictive of future joint erosion
03/03/2013 Ultrasound To Detect Lung Congestion In Dialysis Patients May Help Save Lives
03/01/2013 Signostics unveils handheld real-time ultrasound device, partners with Konica
03/01/2013 Surgical vs ultrasound-guided drainage of deep neck space abscesses
03/01/2013 South Africa: Low-Cost Ultrasound for Moms, Babies
03/01/2013 Autism Spectrum Disorder Is Associated with Ventricular Enlargement in a Low Birth Weight Population
02/22/2013 GE sees strong future with its ultrasound business
02/22/2013 2D and contrast enhanced ultrasound in cavitating mesenteric lymph node syndrome
02/22/2013 Microbubble-ultrasound method improves cardiac output after heart attack
02/01/2013 Study seeks to establish correlation between hearing loss and increased prenatal ultrasound exposure - finds opposite
02/01/2013 Ultrasound superior for spotting nephrocalcinosis
02/01/2013 Ultrasound markers for Down's syndrome reassessed
01/18/2013 New Website to Standardize Cardiac Educational Training Throughout Europe
01/18/2013 Real-time myocardial contrast echo may identify patients who need revascularization
01/18/2013 ASE, GE Healthcare Return to India to Educate on Use of Ultrasound in Remote Areas
01/18/2013 Ultrasound Prevents Olive Oil from Going Solid in the Fridge
01/18/2013 Ultrasound Plus Doppler Excludes DVT in Pregnancy
01/11/2013 Analogic Signs Agreement to Acquire Ultrasonix
01/11/2013 Year of Ultrasound 2013
01/11/2013 Exogen ultrasound device for bone healing given green light by NHS
01/04/2013 Astronauts get taller in space - spinal ultrasound may help determine why
01/04/2013 Engineers develop high intensity ultrasound beam to create invisible knife
01/04/2013 Ultrasound finds role in PT training at Alabama State University
01/04/2013 MRI-ultrasound fusion provides a better visual for obtaining prostate biopsy
01/04/2013 Ultrasound and MRI superior to X-ray in detecting erosive disease in RA
01/04/2013 Ultrasound contrast may help differentiate chronic pseudotumoral pancreatitis from pancreatic cancer
01/04/2013 Ultrasound parties: New frontier in pregnancy oversharing
12/28/2012 New study assesses ultrasound and CA 125 as predictors of risk of ovarian cancer
12/28/2012 Study assesses patterns of use of CT versus Ultrasound for pediatric appendicitis
12/21/2012 Viewbox iPad Application for teaching file review
12/21/2012 Theraclion EchoPulse Ultrasound Therapy for Breast Fibroadenomas Cleared in EU
12/21/2012 Breast Ultrasound Best for Women 30 to 39 Years Old, Study Suggests
12/21/2012 Presto: Cranial Blood Flow Monitoring, Without a Sonographer
12/21/2012 Siemens releases syngo Ultrasound Breast Analysis software
12/21/2012 Laser Generated Focused Ultrasound
12/14/2012 Point-of-care ultrasound is more accurate than the stethoscope in diagnosing pneumonia in children
12/14/2012 New eBook on Safe Use of Ultrasound in Medical Diagnosis published by British Institute of Radiology
12/14/2012 MRI–ultrasound fusion guidance for prostate biopsy provides improved accuracy in prostate cancer detection.
12/14/2012 ASE and GE Healthcare Conduct Education Program in India
12/07/2012 Microarrays and DNA Sequencing Improve Prenatal Testing
12/07/2012 LCI integrated ultrasound for differentiating heart failure from pulmonary disease in the ER setting
12/07/2012 Neuroscientists prove ultrasound can be tweaked to stimulate different sensations
11/30/2012 Study: Stent may be safe, viable erectile dysfunction treatment
11/30/2012 Safer spinach? Ultrasound dramatically reduces E. coli numbers
11/30/2012 Dense Breast Awareness Increases Patient Desire for More Screening
11/29/2012 GE Combines Fluoroscopy and Ultrasound in New Interventional Suite
11/29/2012 Study: ultrasounds could increase early breast cancer detection
11/27/2012 Siemens Showcases World's First Wireless Ultrasound System at RSNA 2012...more
11/22/2012 Is Declining Medical Imaging Use Driving Up Hospital Stays and Medical Costs?
11/22/2012 Gamma Imaging Tops Breast Ultrasound
11/22/2012 Ultrasound Perfusion Imaging May Predict PAD Severity
11/22/2012 Ultrasound pictures show difference in fetus yawning and other mouth openings
11/22/2012 SDMS Foundation introduces Sonography Research Institute
11/16/2012 Decrease in central venous catheter placement due to use of ultrasound guidance for peripheral intravenous catheters.
11/16/2012 Ultrasound Gel and Infections: Researchers Propose Guidelines to Reduce Risk
11/16/2012 In sports medicine, a plea for ultrasound first
11/16/2012 Renal Ultrasound Unwarranted for Acute Kidney Injury Evaluation
11/16/2012 Early liver disease in children with Cystic Fibrosis
11/16/2012 Ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration complication rate ‘reassuring’
11/16/2012 New role for ultrasound in neonatal lung assessment?
11/16/2012 Columbia physician’s needle aiming device earns attention
11/09/2012 US Diagnostic Imaging Market to Grow Slowly to $4.5 Billion by 2017
11/09/2012 Sonographer awarded for excellence and quake response
11/09/2012 Worcestershire trust asks £2,000 for copy of echo study
11/09/2012 CAE Healthcare acquires Blue Phantom
11/09/2012 Ultrasound images and data for 14,000 patients missing
11/09/2012 Doctors prescribe iPad Mini: a perfect lab coat fit
11/09/2012 GE Healthcare has acquired U-Systems, Inc.
11/02/2012 Fatty liver common despite absence of metabolic abnormalities
11/02/2012 LNG-IUS may have potential in endometrial cancer
11/02/2012 Ultrasound demonstrates effect of Mediterranean meal vs. junk food meal on vascular endothelium
11/02/2012 CES Better for Predicting Early Allograft Function
11/02/2012 Chiropractic game changer - rehabilitative ultrasound imaging (RUSI)
11/02/2012 Task force recommends Musculoskeletal Ultrasound for diagnosing, managing rheumatic diseases
10/26/2012 Breast cancer: Ultrasound better for some
10/26/2012 High-Risk Carotid Artery Plaque Formation Is Increased in Older COPD Patients
10/26/2012 An Alternate View: New Laws Add a Divisive Component to Breast Screening
10/26/2012 Acusphere Submits MAA for Imagify™ in Europe
10/26/2012 Imaging Unwarranted in Primary Cutaneous Melanoma
10/26/2012 FDA Approves Focused Ultrasound to Treat Pain Associated With Bone Metastasis
10/19/2012 VATS-US can decrease incidence of conversion to thoracotomy in selected patients
10/19/2012 UK Sonographers, radiologists and gynaecologists urged to work together
10/19/2012 What next? Aliens?
10/19/2012 IUCD proves cost-effective treatment for early endometrial cancer.
10/19/2012 On the Sordid Sale of Screening Tests
10/19/2012 Ultrasound may help predict future tendon injuries in dancers
10/14/2012 Reinventing Medical School
10/14/2012 AIUM accredits first urologic practice
10/14/2012 Volcano Receives FDA Clearance for Intravascular Ultrasound Catheter
10/13/2012 University Medical Center of Utrecht and Philips start pilot study for HIFU breast cancer treatment
10/13/2012 AIUM Releases New Practice Guideline for the Performance of a Focused Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Scan
10/13/2012 Largest CCSVI Study Fails to Support Theory
10/13/2012 How fat is distributed in body affects risk for pregnant mothers, unborn babies
10/13/2012 Focused ultrasound for treating Parkinson's disease to be tested
10/05/2012 Getting (drugs) under your skin
10/05/2012 Glowing nanoparticles light you from the inside out
10/05/2012 Ultrasound effective for visualizing fractures in children
10/05/2012 3D Ultrasound reveals human brain bigger than chimp’s from foetal stage
10/05/2012 U-Systems Seeks Partner as FDA Approves Automated Breast Ultrasound
09/30/2012 Contrast-enhanced ultrasound better detects high-grade prostate cancers
09/30/2012 Imaging center owner pleads guilty to paying bribes to doctors for referrals
09/30/2012 Researchers developing device to detect brain bleeding in pre-term infants
09/30/2012 Progesterone test predicts pregnancy success
09/30/2012 Medical education at Stanford gets more interactive by going online
09/23/2012 GE Launches Open Innovation Initiative to Accelerate Ultrasound Research
09/23/2012 Musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSUS) improves rheumatology diagnosis and guides treatment
09/23/2012 Breast cancer can be detected more accurately with contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging
09/23/2012 The “ICU-sound” Protocol
09/23/2012 Study challenges benefit of abdominal aorta screenings
09/23/2012 How to Stop Hospitals From Killing Us
09/23/2012 In the "If you can't beat them, join them" vein: Hospital offers cake to reveal baby's gender
09/16/2012 Toshiba Medical Systems Announces Partnership With Manchester United
09/16/2012 Ultrasound assessment of muscle wasting in critically ill patients
09/16/2012 "Sonographer" makes #2 on "Best Paying Jobs of the Future" list
09/16/2012 New imaging technique detects peripheral arterial disease
09/16/2012 U.S. Panel Rejects Ovarian Cancer Screening
09/14/2012 $20M investment for CerOx brain monitors from GE Capital
09/14/2012 Analogic hits all-time high after 4Q earnings
09/14/2012 Engineers develop prototype for new ultra-low cost ultrasound scanner
09/01/2012 Direct to consumer screening tests -- more harm than good?
09/01/2012 UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence approves SonoVue for liver cancer diagnosis
08/26/2012 Gallbladder Polyp Size Can Guide Treatment
08/26/2012 Dense Breasts and Imaging
08/26/2012 China could account for 20% of world ultrasound sales by 2016
08/26/2012 Children's Body Fatness Linked to Decisions Made in the Womb
08/26/2012 Ultrasound Useful for Diagnosis of Pneumothorax
08/26/2012 FDA Modifies OPTISON Contrast Agent Label
08/26/2012 Siemens Healthcare to acquire Penrith Corporation
08/26/2012 Ultrasound versus MRI in juvenile arthritis
08/19/2012 Diabetes drugs increase risk of bladder cancer
08/19/2012 Fully Robotic ultrasound-guided Nerve Blocks on the Horizon
08/19/2012 Egg Study Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be
08/19/2012 Eggs are Nearly as Bad for Your Arteries as Cigarettes?
08/19/2012 Endocrine Society releases revised guidelines on thyroid-related treatment in pregnancy
08/19/2012 Duration of abdominal pain related to accuracy of ultrasound and CT imaging in appendicitis
08/19/2012 New hybrid Imaging technique combines ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging
08/19/2012 New law proposed to protect students from worthless degrees
08/12/2012 New use of ultrasound to enhance tumor radiation response
08/11/2012 New ACR Policy Study Institute Established
08/11/2012 Japan Approves Additional Indication of SONAZOID Ultrasound Contrast Agent
08/11/2012 The power to heal at the tips of your fingers
08/11/2012 NIH funds research on Ultrasound Mediated Gene Therapy
08/11/2012 Sound Waves Focused Like A Camera Lens
08/11/2012 Neutral Head Position Is Safe for Internal Jugular Vein Cannulation
08/11/2012 An interesting approach from the world of veterinary ultrasound
08/11/2012 Experts issue recommendations for treating thyroid dysfunction during and after pregnancy
08/11/2012 Philips Gets FDA OK for Clinical Trial of HIFU for Bone Mets
08/03/2012 State of Michigan promotes universal cervical length screening by ultrasound
08/03/2012 Ultrasound training simulator company MedaPhor gets additional funding
08/03/2012 Printing takes a creepy turn: A 3D replica of your fetus
08/03/2012 Cadmium Linked to Plaque Development in Older Women
07/28/2012 AMA Adopts Diagnostic Ultrasound Utilization and Education Resolution
07/28/2012 Targeted Neonatal Echocardiography App Developed
07/28/2012 Hypertensive Kids Don't Get Recommended Ultrasound Tests
07/28/2012 ZONARE obtains $25 Million Senior Credit Facility
07/28/2012 New York State requires breast density notification to women after mammogram
07/28/2012 iRobot Developing Next Generation Telemedicine Device
07/28/2012 Better Analgesia From Pelvic Plexus Block in Prostate Biopsy
07/28/2012 Mobile Cardiac Ultrasound Medical Mission Breaks World Record
07/28/2012 Autopsy as a Quality Control Measure for Radiology
07/20/2012 Echo Identifies Fresh Thrombus
07/20/2012 Ultrasound Triggers Bone Cell Mobility
07/20/2012 Ultrasound imaging business offers customers cell phone optimized videos
07/20/2012 Study confirms safety and feasibility of optical coherence tomography in carotid arteries
07/20/2012 AANEM issues guideline for use of ultrasound in CTS
07/20/2012 GE Researchers to Study Link Between Microgravity and Vision Impairment in Astronauts
07/20/2012 New Book: Critical Care Ultrasound Manual
07/13/2012 Jury Awards $78 Million in Medical Malpractice Case against Hospital
07/13/2012 New acoustic angiography ultrasound imaging technique holds promise for rapid diagnosis
07/13/2012 Quality, timely, and cost-effective images are a high priority for healthcare providers
07/13/2012 Philips donates ultrasound machines to Kenya
07/07/2012 Soap film display screen uses ultrasound to control transparency and surface states
07/07/2012 Ultrasound Project a Lifesaver for Mothers, Newborns in Uganda
07/07/2012 Microbubbles and ultrasound offer new hope to future breast cancer patients
07/07/2012 Strain and strain rate may reveal vulnerable plaque
07/07/2012 Global Ultrasound Devices Market projected to be worth $8.1 Billion by 2017
07/07/2012 CaRES multicenter safety study for DEFINITY results released at ASE meeting.
07/07/2012 Verinata Health Expands Prenatal Genetic Test To Include Turner Syndrome Option
07/01/2012 Acoustic tweezers capture tiny creatures with ultrasound
07/01/2012 Keepsake ultrasounds gain popularity in Finland
07/01/2012 DEFINITY ultrasound contrast agent production resumes at Ohio plant
07/01/2012 Pocket ultrasound system found to be "good enough" for ER focused cardiac exam
07/01/2012 Standing long hours in pregnancy may slow baby's growth
07/01/2012 GE Invests $7.5 million to further develop and distribute Trophon transducer disinfection system
07/01/2012 Test May Help Exclude Benign Thyroid Lesions
07/01/2012 Smallest and Largest Fetuses at Greater Risk of Being Stillborn
07/01/2012 Swallowable Ultrasound pill might replace injections
06/24/2012 Study finds liver cancer screening with ultrasound not justified
06/24/2012 3D ultrasound: A noninvasive gingival assessment tool?
06/24/2012 MIT engineers propose innovative improvements in ultrasound
06/24/2012 Frugal Innovation in future of Healthcare
06/24/2012 Study finds that bedside US in the ER reveals key info for management of septic patients
06/24/2012 "Sonographer" makes No. 8 on Forbes list of "Best Jobs that Don't Require a Bachelors Degree"
06/24/2012 AIUM and AUA Guideline Development Leads To Practice Accreditation For Urologic Ultrasound
06/24/2012 Surgery successfully performed in utero for fetal oral teratoma
06/17/2012 Bedside cardiac ultrasound could be taught during residency
06/17/2012 Researcher exploring use of microbubbles and 3D Ultrasound guidance to dissolve clots forming on long-term catheters, shunts and tubes in children.
06/17/2012 Third-Trimester Ultrasound Predicts Shoulder Dystocia
06/17/2012 Study shows historical increase in imaging independent of financial incentives.
06/17/2012 Philips commits to strengthen healthcare infrastructure in Ghana
06/17/2012 Ultrasound ‘Ballast Blaster’
06/17/2012 ACC Releases Appropriate Use Criteria For Noninvasive Peripheral Tests
06/10/2012 Canadian Hospital Authorizes Sonographers to Reveal Fetal Sex
06/10/2012 Juxtaluminal Black Area in Carotid Artery Plaques May Predict Strokes
06/10/2012 CT scans 'linked to brain cancer risk'
06/10/2012 Video MRI expands visual imagery of life in utero
06/10/2012 Ultrasound spots heart disease early in rheumatoid arthritis patients
06/10/2012 This Is the Future of Medical Imaging
06/10/2012 Entire Genome of Human Fetus Deciphered
06/10/2012 Preterm birth reported to increase risk of psychiatric disorders
06/04/2012 FDA extends Class I Recall of Ultrasound Gel
06/03/2012 Liver Cancer Rates Continue to Rise
06/03/2012 Abdominal US documentation in USA misses the mark, trims income
06/03/2012 Web-Based Service for Customizing and Sharing Prenatal Ultrasound Images and Video Launched
06/03/2012 General Electric Will Open More Innovation Centers In China
06/03/2012 Ultrasound better than MRI for diagnosis of Morton's Neuroma
06/03/2012 Advanced Visualization Techniques Could Change the Paradigm for Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Disease
05/27/2012 Obese More Likely to Be Diagnosed With Advanced Thyroid Cancer
05/27/2012 Strain ultrasound better for imaging glial brain tumours
05/27/2012 Evidence of long-term effects of parental smoke on kids
05/27/2012 Man Admitted to Hospital for Kidney Stone, Discovers He's a Woman
05/20/2012 New Model Developed for Identifying Placenta Accreta
05/20/2012 Global Ultrasound Sales Projected to Grow 29% Over 5 Years
05/20/2012 Contrast-enhanced ultrasound monitors aortic aneurysm treatment
05/20/2012 Glue for varicose veins
05/13/2012 Study questions use of IVUS in Renal Artery Stenting
05/13/2012 Acoustic Diode Developed
05/13/2012 Ultrasound-Guided Pacemaker Lead Placement Improves Outcomes for Heart Failure Patients
05/05/2012 SonoSite and AIIT Establish Ultrasound Training Program in Kenya
05/05/2012 Ultrasound-Based Renal Denervation For Resistant Hypertension Enters First Trials
05/05/2012 Use of ABUS slashes physician time spent on breast cancer screening
05/05/2012 $78.5 Million Jury Verdict In Philadelphia Birth Injury Case
04/29/2012 Nanoparticles track brain tumors
04/29/2012 Ultrasound reveals cause of 'brain freeze' when eating ice cream
04/29/2012 Mental Stress May Be Harder on Women's Hearts
04/29/2012 $1,135 for an ultrasound? Yes, depending on where you get it and whether you are insured.
04/29/2012 Ultrasound May Safely Rule Out DVT in Pregnancy
04/29/2012 Shanghai authorities talk tough on fetal ultrasound for gender determination.
04/29/2012 Team develops new method for filming the ultrasound-mediated release of drugs inside cells
04/29/2012 Automated breast volume sonography improves screening and diagnosis of breast cancer for Asian women
04/22/2012 Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver?
04/22/2012 Will your iPad do ultrasound in the future?
04/22/2012 HIFU Shows Promise as Alternative to Traditional Treatments for Prostate Cancer
04/19/2012 U.S. Marshals seize contaminated ultrasound gel
04/15/2012 Ultrasound gender test gang busted in Hubei, China
04/15/2012 Ultrasound provides key to estimation of intracranial pressure
04/15/2012 FDA panel recommends approval for U-Systems breast screening system
04/15/2012 USA HHS Sets New Date for ICD-10 Compliance to October 2014
04/08/2012 Ultrasound screening finds more breast cancer, but at a price
04/08/2012 Operations for appendicitis could be cut out for good
04/08/2012 Non-destructive pulsed focused ultrasound improves transplant cell delivery
04/08/2012 Cervical Pessary May Prevent Preterm Birth
04/08/2012 Choosing Wisely campaign targets unnecessary imaging exams
04/08/2012 A Robot called Raven takes Flight
04/08/2012 Study suggests growth in carotid ultrasound exams may be due to self referral
03/31/2012 Drug release polymer triggered by ultrasound
03/31/2012 Targeted Fusion Biopsy May Improve Prostate Ca Detection
03/31/2012 Starvation linked to greater risk of cardiac complications
03/31/2012 Preventing Needless Nephrectomies May be Possible
03/31/2012 Patients with digestive disorders may receive high levels of X-ray radiation
03/25/2012 Ultrasound - for veggies too?
03/25/2012 AUA revises statement on antibiotic prophylaxis for prostate Bx
03/25/2012 Combined use of MRI and ultrasound boosts both markets
03/25/2012 Study: Ultrasound offers surgical roadmap to breast tumors
03/25/2012 Photoacoustic tomography moves from lab to clinic
03/25/2012 HIFU Ultrasound Treatment for Hyperhidrosis
03/17/2012 Electronic Access For Physicians To Prior Tests Did Not Reduce Costs
03/17/2012 UK study finds one in seven couples given wrong information on zygosity of twins
03/17/2012 First Lung Surgery In Utero Performed in Barcelona
03/17/2012 Ultrasound-based cough detector monitors respiratory disease
03/17/2012 Echometrix is elbowing its way into baseball’s spring training season.
03/17/2012 Study finds CPAP use reduces carotid artery intima-media thickness
03/11/2012 Ultrasound Telemedicine Project Improves High-risk Obstetric Healthcare
03/11/2012 Slow Rate of Fetal Brain Growth Linked To Depression During Pregnancy
03/11/2012 New Elastography Techniques Improve Thyroid Nodule Assessment
03/11/2012 Study: Imaging for breast pain offers little reassurance, no clinical benefit
03/04/2012 NIH Awards Grant To Research Barrier-Breaking Brain Cancer Treatment
03/04/2012 New guidelines for detection of rheumatic heart disease
03/03/2012 Transient elastography proves accurate in diagnosing cirrhosis from recurrent hepatitis C
02/25/2012 Ovarian cancer screening popular despite guidelines
02/25/2012 Tiny Primate Communicates Secretly by Using Ultrasound
02/25/2012 Ultrasound for Regional Anesthesia Does Not Improve Pain Outcomes -- But does that matter?
02/25/2012 Clinic Streams Pregnancy Ultrasound Image via Skype
02/25/2012 Ultrasound study provides first direct evidence of effect of malaria on fetal growth
02/25/2012 Exercising at moderate or even high intensity during pregnancy does not harm the fetus.
02/25/2012 Analogic Appoints Mark Miller as Vice President and General Manager of North American Ultrasound Sales
02/18/2012 FAST of a different flavor
02/18/2012 Study evaluates role of chest ultrasonography in early detection of influenza A (H1N1)v infection
02/18/2012 Diagnosing Medical Problems in Space Using Augmented Reality
02/18/2012 Ultrasound a reliable alternative to x-rays for DDH screening
02/18/2012 Surgeon-performed Ultrasound Better than MRI for screening implant failure?
02/18/2012 Report offers best practices to reduce injuries for sonographers
02/18/2012 Zonare Announces Appointment of Timothy A. Marcotte as President and CEO
02/06/2012 Hospital Infection Rates Now on Medicare Website
02/06/2012 Carotid stenting versus surgery - results about same in new study
02/06/2012 Court Case Suggests USA Doctors Can Be Sued for Emotional Distress Even Without Physical Negligence
02/06/2012 Study shows increase in musculoskeletal ultrasound utilization among podiatrists
02/06/2012 Whistleblowers accuse FDA of spying, persecution
02/06/2012 Orlando woman denied mammogram twice because of age
02/06/2012 `Twinkling` Ultrasound May Help Find and Treat Kidney Stones
01/29/2012 Sonicating sperm -- the future of male contraception?
01/29/2012 A cautionary tale for those who do pelvic sonography
01/29/2012 Locum Radiologist from USA working in New Zealand "stood down" after errors discovered
01/29/2012 Consumer Reports Slams Pediatric Intensive Care Units for Hospital-Acquired Infections
01/29/2012 Ultrasound Effective in diagnosis of Endometriosis
01/29/2012 Cardiologists use of noninvasive imaging fuels Medicare growth
01/22/2012 FDA Advisory Committee Denies Approval for Progesterone Gel to Reduce Risk of Preterm Birth
01/22/2012 Carticept scores another 10 Million to support launch of automated injection system.
01/15/2012 Remote lung ultrasounds performed using Skype & iPhone
01/15/2012 New fibrosis classification improves accuracy of diagnosis in hepatitis C
01/08/2012 Mixed advice in Europe over faulty breast implants
01/08/2012 Simple blood test in the first trimester predicts fetal gender
01/08/2012 Fluorescence imaging - novel new technique being developed for prostate cancer diagnosis
01/08/2012 EAE/ASE 3D echocardiography image acquisition recommendations
01/08/2012 More late abortions since late ultrasound scan introduced in Netherlands
01/08/2012 Aria Diagnostics plans to offer blood test to detect Down Syndrome in first half of this year
01/08/2012 Restricted embryo growth 'predicts miscarriage risk'
01/08/2012 Ultrasound Guided Needle Aspiration as good as Surgical Drainage in the management of breast Abscesses
01/08/2012 Ultrasound vs. CT and MRI for measurement of renal mass size
01/01/2012 Smoking During Pregnancy May Damage Children's Blood Vessels
01/01/2012 Is American Medicine Too Test Happy?
12/24/2011 3-D printing - future of transducer manufacture?
12/24/2011 Ultrasound Stroke Treatment Device Receives CE Mark
12/24/2011 NAFLD common in adolescent girls with PCO
12/24/2011 France to pay for breast implant removal over cancer fear
12/24/2011 AIUM and AUA release Joint Practice Guideline for Ultrasound in Urology
12/17/2011 Medicine Needs Frugal Innovation
12/17/2011 Ultrasound headset tracks blood flow after brain injuries
12/17/2011 ICUS applauds FDA on proposed contrast agent label change
12/17/2011 Fetal Tracheal Occlusion Improves Neonatal Survival
12/17/2011 Lay Article: Medical Radiation: Too Much of a Good Thing?
12/17/2011 Study Confirms Value of Progesterone in the Prevention of Preterm Birth
12/17/2011 Performance-enhancing drug hurts brain
12/17/2011 Fujifilm to Purchase SonoSite for $995 Million
12/17/2011 Breast Implant Displaces into Thorax During Pilates Session
12/11/2011 Dr Topol: Haven’t used a stethoscope in 2 years
12/11/2011 New ultrasound technique diagnoses non-periodic arrhythmias in a single heartbeat
12/11/2011 mHealth Summit: Closing the Gap Between Promise and Adoption
12/11/2011 Endurance exercise 'may damage the heart'
12/04/2011 FutureGlimpse: Siemens Kinect Based Hands-Free Radiological Image Browser
12/04/2011 FutureGlimpse: Candelis and Microsoft team up.
12/04/2011 Research study shows high rate of DVT in critically ill trauma cases
12/04/2011 FutureGlimpse: Vizua looks to bring medical image viewing into the future
12/04/2011 Ultrasound shows unborn baby 'Tebowing'
12/04/2011 Novel breast screening system is based on radar system developed from land mine detection technology
12/04/2011 Clinical trial recruiting bone cancer patients for study of potential pain treatment
12/04/2011 Nuclear medicine modalities show promise for breast cancer screening and diagnosis in women with dense breast tissue, although the various forms are still evolving, RSNA 2011 attendees learned
11/26/2011 Healthy foetus aborted in mix-up
11/26/2011 Fatty Liver found to pose no excess risk of death
11/26/2011 Tiny wireless pacemaker powered by ultrasound
11/20/2011 Value of MRI for breast cancer screening questioned
11/19/2011 Vascular risk linked to long-term antiepileptic drug therapy
11/19/2011 Atherosclerotic plaques' downstream spread linked to low shear stress
11/19/2011 Ultrasound Triggered Gelatin-Based Nanoparticle Treatment May be a More Effective Clot Buster
11/13/2011 Cervical Length Predicts Preterm Delivery in IVF Pregnancies
11/13/2011 Study finds physicians who bill for imaging tests are more likely to order such tests
11/13/2011 US guidance may suffice for renal RFA guidance
11/13/2011 Ultrasound guidance improves outcomes of SVC catheter placement
11/06/2011 Korean imaging service posted ultrasound images of fetuses on the Internet without parents’ permission
11/06/2011 SonoSite is said to seek buyers, hold talks with Samsung
11/06/2011 The Face of Testicular Pain (Humor)
11/06/2011 Terason Introduces t3200 Vascular Ultrasound System
10/30/2011 Choosing Ultrasound Over CT for Children with Pneumonia Improves Outcomes
10/30/2011 ICUS Applauds FDA Modification of Boxed Warnings
10/30/2011 Ultrasound Bests 2-view Radiography for Diagnosing Intussusception
10/23/2011 ASE and EAE to issue guidelines for use of echo in cancer patients
10/23/2011 Scary stuff! Do-it-yourself ultrasound cavitation device available for home use.
10/23/2011 GE Q3 Revenue - Ultrasound leads in healthcare sector
10/23/2011 Blood test for Down's syndrome "ready for clinical use" according to FIGO
10/23/2011 BlackToe Medical and fingertip ultrasound probe
10/16/2011 Link shown between environmental toxicants and atherosclerosis
10/16/2011 Heart attacks can occur in women whose angiograms show open arteries
10/16/2011 Smartphone Ultrasound Hits Market After Regulatory Delays
10/16/2011 Ultrasound may help select best treatment for Crohn's disease.
10/16/2011 UK NHS says Scare over miscarriage scans unjustified
10/09/2011 New twist on entertainment ultrasound -- house calls!
10/09/2011 USPTF Recommends Against PSA-Based Screening for Prostate Cancer
10/09/2011 New study updates long term effects of DES exposure during gestation
10/09/2011 Petition Seeks Removal of Boxed Warnings on Ultrasound Contrast Agents
10/09/2011 Bombay High Court bans use of portable sonography machines
10/09/2011 Doppler Ultrasound as a Diagnostic Tool in Rhinosinusitis
10/02/2011 Effectiveness of an Ultrasound Training Module for Internal Medicine Residents
10/02/2011 Plaque disruption linked to MI in women with no CAD on angiogram
10/02/2011 PTEN hamartoma tumor syndrome boosts risk of thyroid cancer, even in childhood
10/02/2011 AAOS guideline recommends against use of ultrasound for DVT screening post sx
10/02/2011 CEUS Detects Abdominal Cancers without Radiation
10/02/2011 Baltimore Obstetrician Accused of Removing Wrong Ovary During Surgery
10/02/2011 Mobile Health Apps Arrive
10/02/2011 ASE: Are cardiovascular sonographers at high-risk of radiation exposure?
09/25/2011 Automated speech recognition (ASR) software associated with high error rate in breast imaging reports
09/25/2011 Woman with uterus didelphys has twins
09/25/2011 Engineers use short ultrasound pulses to reach neurons through blood-brain barrier
09/18/2011 General Electric to Expand in Russia with Two New Joint Ventures
09/18/2011 Study Concludes Ultrasound Doesn't Increase Pain Relief in Nerve Block Procedures
09/18/2011 Raman spectroscopy tests for osteoporosis using a toenail clipping?
09/18/2011 Research study suggests babies develop laugh and cry facial gestalts in utero.
09/18/2011 California passes dense breast notification bill
09/18/2011 Color Doppler as Effective as EDT in Diagnosing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
09/11/2011 Job market for imaging professionals continues to tighten
09/11/2011 Ultrasonic neuromodulation may be able to interrupt status epilepticus
09/11/2011 Jury awards $4.5 million to parents of child born with no arms, one leg
09/04/2011 Fujifilm launches ultrasound product line in U.S.A.
09/04/2011 Tiny oxygen generators activated by ultrasound for anticancer treatment
08/28/2011 Ultrasonic plaque echolucency and emboli signals predict stroke in asymptomatic carotid stenosis
08/28/2011 Study finds no link between ovarian "inclusion" cysts and ovarian, breast or endometrial cancer
08/22/2011 Preop Echo Does Not Improve Survival or Shorten Hospital Stay
08/14/2011 Ultrasound Diagnosis of Fetal Macrosomia Found Inaccurate
08/14/2011 Simple blood test Can Tell Fetal Sex at 7 Weeks
08/07/2011 Incoming UCI med students get iPads loaded with first-year curriculum
08/07/2011 ASE releases mobile device application with the society’s most popular guidelines
08/07/2011 Heart Testing Overused, Report Finds
07/31/2011 Researchers discover a plant that works with sonar to attract bats
07/31/2011 Proposed FDA Regulations for EMR and Mobile App Companies "Appear Reasonable"
07/31/2011 GE Healthcare to move the headquarters of its global X-ray business to China
07/31/2011 Samsung wants to dominate medical imaging market
07/17/2011 Transcranial sonography of the midbrain may predict Parkinson disease
07/17/2011 Abnormal brain ultrasound in premature infant linked to future risk of psychiatric disorders
07/10/2011 GE Ultrasound Device Rides Last Space Shuttle
07/10/2011 Wide regional variation in imaging exam prices in USA
07/10/2011 Pocket-sized echo scanner promising for rapid initial assessments
07/10/2011 Ketamine abuse associated with urologic abnormalities
07/10/2011 "Vanishing Twin" linked to increased risk of malformation in remaining twin
07/10/2011 ACR responds to proposed 50% cut in professional component payment of multiple procedures
07/03/2011 GE Extends Olympic Sponsorship Through 2020
07/03/2011 Fetal ultrasound: How to put safety first
07/03/2011 Two-minute ultrasound 'cure' for glaucoma
06/26/2011 Toshiba Completes Acquisition of Vital Images
06/26/2011 India Census 2011 and Sex selective Abortion Trends
06/26/2011 Canadian obstetricians develop new guideline for ultrasound in twin pregnancies
06/26/2011 Texas Dense Breast Law Passes
06/26/2011 Fact Sheet on Proper Handling of Contaminated Sharps available from OSHA
06/26/2011 Freestanding Emergency Hospitals
06/19/2011 Five UN Agencies Want ‘Son Preferencing’ to Stop
06/19/2011 lifeIMAGE to Provide Free Image Sharing Service to ASE Members
06/19/2011 New Ultrasound Market Report
06/19/2011 Blood Pressure Measured With Ultrasound Scanner
06/19/2011 Ultrasound System + Transducer Tracking + Telediagnosis = Remote Ultrasound
06/19/2011 FDA adds another catheter to Boston Scientific's recall
06/19/2011 In Asia, The Perils Of Aborting Girls And Keeping Boys
06/13/2011 GE Healthcare study supports safety profile of diagnostic heart ultrasound contrast agent Optison
06/13/2011 Docs add apps to their medical bag
06/13/2011 Acusphere & FDA agree on CAD drug trial
06/13/2011 Ultrasound in the hands of Hospitalists - The Future of Better Patient Care?
06/13/2011 New imaging technology makes novel use of ultrasound
06/13/2011 Pregnant women and families are sharing photos and more on Facebook, Web sites