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Fetal Echocardiography-Gold Edition PLUS
Greggory R. DeVore, MD
15 hours of AMA category 1 credits

Price: $275.00 
More Information on Fetal Echocardiography-Gold Edition PLUS

To provide you with a clinical perspective as to the importance of proper evaluation of the fetal heart, Dr. DeVore has included in the Fetal Echocardiography-Gold Edition PLUS program several tutorials that discuss current guidelines and recommendations for the physician or sonographer who has the responsibility of examining the fetus.

In the Screening Examination of the Heart section:

The Four-Chamber View
* Introduction
* Optimizing the Real-Time Image
* Diagnostic Criteria
* Study Guide
* Image Preference Guide
* Self-Assessment Examination
* Preferred Image Orientation

Outflow Tract I - Rotational Sweep From The Four-Chamber View

Outflow Tract II - Cephalad Sweep From The Four-Chamber View

Outflow Tracts III - The Aortic and Ductal Arches

Color Doppler

In the Pathology of the Fetal Heart section the tutorials include

Evaluating Cardiac Size
M-mode Measurements
Real-Time Measurements
Abnormal Anatomy
Identification of Abnormal Anatomy
Pathology Specimens
Abnormal Ultrasound Studies
Pericardial Effusion
Gallery of Abnormalities
Test Your Diagnostic Skills

Also included are sixty full text articles from the Literature as well as chapters from textbooks.

The newest version of Fetal Echocardiography-Gold Edition PLUS contains additional programs that were not available in the original version. The following is a list of additional programs:

New Tutorials

1. Z-Scores. This tutorial explains how to measure 2D images of the fetal heart and outflow tracts using Z-scores. It includes graphs in pdf format as well as a Excel spreadsheet from which the user can derive the Z-score values.

2. Pulsed Doppler. This tutorial reviews in detail pulsed Doppler examination of the fetal heart and includes topics such as the PR interval and TEI indices. Graphs and tables are provided for pulsed Doppler measurements in pdf format.

3. Reference Guide. This is a quick reference guide in which the user can identify cardiac anatomy based upon fetal position. While these guides are contained within the Fetal Echocardiography Gold Edition PLUS tutorials, they have been compiled in one easy to reference program.

Two posters can be opened in pdf and printed for reference views or the four-chamber view, five chamber view, three-vessel view, and the tracheal view for fetuses in the vertex and breech positions.

Bonus Programs

1. 3D/4D Fetal Echocardiography. This program teaches the examiner how to use a 3D/4D offline program to examine and manipulate volume datasets. The program contains movie tutorials illustrating how to use the program, normal cases and pathological cases. The pathological cases allow the examiner to review the anatomy and then refer to labeled images and video clips of the pathological findings.

2. AIUM Fetal Heart Screening Program. The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine has given permission to include a program describing how to acquire and interpret images of the fetal heart that meet the requirements for the screening evaluation of the fetal heart.

3. ISUOG Fetal Heart Screening Program. The International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology has given permission to include a program describing how to acquire and interpret images of the fetal heart that meet the requirements for the screening evaluation of the fetal heart.


Dr. DeVore has provided video lectures from three popular topics that he has been asked to speak about both nationally and internationally at continuing medical education courses. The topics are as follows:

1. Screening for cardiac anomalies using 2D and 3D ultrasound

2. Medical-Legal Implications of Screening for Cardiac Defects

3. The Fetal Heart and Genetic Sonography

The program is designed to operate under the Windows environment.

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A Message from Dr. DeVore

For the past 25 years I have been involved with studying and implementing echocardiographic principles used in the evaluation of the fetus. During this period of time I have had the opportunity of teaching principles of the echocardiographic examination using the peer review literature, textbooks, lectures, and individualized training of physicians. However, one of the limitations has been the inability to convey the principles of echocardiography using a print or slide medium in which display of the dynamic movement of the heart is possible. In an attempt to recreate the clinical environment when evaluating the fetal heart, I began a project several years ago which has resulted in the release of the Fetal Echocardiography – Gold Edition PLUS multimedia program.

With recent changes in health care, the role of the specialist is constantly being challenged. Many of us find ourselves in a competitive marketplace in which our skills are constantly being challenged and where one can ill-afford to make diagnostic errors. For a number of years only the four-chamber view was required for the screening examination of the heart. Recently, professional organizations (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, American College of Radiology, The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, and the Australian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine) have recommended that physicians incorporate the outflow tracts with the four-chamber view in the routine examination of the heart. This presents new challenges since this is one of the most complex components of the fetal cardiovascular examination.

Given the above concerns and diagnostic challenges, the programs that make up Fetal Echocardiography – Gold Edition PLUS are designed to teach step-by-step procedures so that you will be able to perform the evaluation of the fetal heart with a high level of proficiency and accuracy

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