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2004-10-13-10 Fujitsu Dynamo 1300U2 Pocket © Jeanty

Fujitsu Dynamo 1300U2 Pocket

Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD

Tennessee Women"s Care, Nashville, TN

The Fujitsu Dynamo 1300U2 Pocket is a small USB magneto-optical drive that can be used to transfer MO data from an ultrasound machine to a PC. Many ultrasound machines over the past few years have had the option to save images and video to MO-disks. For those without a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) this is an easy way to save images for lectures (see:How to prepare multimedia lectures ).

There has been a plethora of formats and capacity including 128, 230, 540 640 MB and 1.3 GB. Importing the saved images to a PC has usually required drive connected by a SCSI interface. This was commonplace in high end PC 5-10 years ago but the SCSI has faded in popularity (it was complex to setup) and newer systems have been more efficient.
Thus the problem of importing MO from an ultrasound machine to a PC has been aggravating. Some system offer MO and CD and although CDs are dirt cheap they take a long time to burn and that prevents the machine from being used for clinical tasks.

Thus the Fujitsu Dynamo 1300U2 Pocket is a welcomed tool.

It comes packaged in an environmentally friendly cardboard container (not a Styrofoam box). Its installation is ridiculously simple (I tried it on a XP system with SP2). Plug one end of the cable in the drive, the other end in the USB port of the PC and you are set to go. No need for another power supply. The drive is immediately recognized by Window. There is a CD provided with the drive and I assume it contains all sorts of drivers but being lazy, if the drive works without having to fuss with installation CD I like this better.

The drive is also quite small (smaller then a external CD-DVD drive) and can easily be transported alongside a laptop.

To read many of the ultrasound machines disks you will also need a DICOM reader (which is provided with the Fujitsu Dynamo 1300U2 Pocket drive). It is a version of the commonly used program ShowCase). The program allows reading but not exporting the images and clips (you can upgrade for a version that does). For the images this is hardly a limitation since pressing ALT-Prnt Screen will capture the image on screen, but for converting DICOM clips to AVI or MPG you will either need the upgrade or a converter.

Our ultrasound machine have been on a PACS for years but we still have an occasional MO we need to read. Since the demise of our past PACS this had been a problem. The Fujitsu Dynamo 1300U2 Pocket easily solves this. Another application in my case are MO that are send by contributors, this is an easy way to read them.

Further info can be found here.

All in all a neat little package with no fuss to install and that works great.


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