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2002-01-09-12 Listserv © Jeanty Listserv

Philippe Jeanty, MD, PhD

Nashville, TN

This year we are adding a listserv to to hopefully 

  • assist everyone in communication 

  • boost the kindred spirit that has so nicely developed among users

  • promote the exchange of ideas and assist those using the list. 

A "listserv" is an automate E-mail broadcast tool. This was originally developed by Eric Thomas in 1896. E-mails addressed to a listserv are automatically forwarded to all on the list. This allows to have forums on the web. 

Educational information and question to the list are welcomed. Material unrelated to the list (politics, religions, which computer platform is best ...) is not allowed.

How is this different from mailing list ?

The mailing list is a one way mailing from to reader. The listserv allows communication between the readers. If you are registered for the mailing list you are not automatically registered for the listserv (see below how to join).

Netiquette (how to behave appropriately in lists)

Reproduced and adapted with permission from 

David Curling Ottawa,Canada
WWW PM Forum Webmaster
Phone: (613) 731-5381
http:/ "

Connecting the World of project management"

Do not 

  1. Do not try to use the list for commercial purposes: (Do not post a message just to promote your business, Do not send commercial advertisements to the list). It is ok to send notice that you have this or that piece of equipment to sell if you are a MD or sonographer, not if you are a vendor. It is also ok to send a link to a course you organize (not whole page full of images !)
  2. Do not write to people who post to a discussion list, unless it is related to the topic on hand (so do not send junk mail to participants)
  3. If you need to show an image make sure it is well compressed (no 100 kb file attachment). If your files are bigger offer to send them to those who contact you personally.
  4. Do not send long articles to a discussion list, instead try to send links so people can visit themselves
  5. Do not send html tags to the list in your postings
  6. Do not post a message just to tell the list that you agree with another list member.  They are interested in whether you have valuable information to add to the discussion. 
  7. Do not post your unsubscribe request to the list (follow the info below)
  8. Do not use profanity or degrade or insult others
  9. Do not make your E-Mail signature longer than six lines
  10. Do not use CAPITAL LETTERS when posting. This is considered as shouting and it is harder to read.
  11. Do not use colored, bold or styled text in your post or E-Mail signature.  Many distribution programs do not handle html in E-Mail.
  12. Do not ask the manager to remove you unless you have already tried the given procedure for removal and it has failed.  In that instance be sure to be polite and inform the moderator that you have already attempted to follow the instructions.


  1. Only send to the whole group information that you believe is of value to the whole group. Do not hesitate to continue particular discussion in private. This is simple to do. Instead of clicking "Reply" simple cut and paste or click the E-mail of the sender.
     In the E-mail on the left you can read in the red box: = the list manager, then:

    Philippe Jeanty [] which tells you who send the E-mail and what is the E-mail address of the sender.

  2. Do sign every post you send out with your name 
  3. Do include your E-Mail signature in each outgoing message
  4. Do read your welcome message carefully and save it
  5. Do thank the moderator or list manager for the time they spend
  6. Observe for a few days to get the feel for the list before posting
  7. Do actively participate in the discussions with useful information
  8. Do tell friends about the list if you find it useful
  9. Do keep your postings concise
  10. Do post a summary and an http address if referring to an article
  11. Do list name and author if quoting from a source
  12. Do keep each message concise and to the point
  13. Do be helpful to others on the list and understand that not everyone may be an expert like you are.  Always try to be helpful.
There is a nice discussion about lists for those who have not participated in one.

How to join

Joining is free. To use the list simply send an E-mail to and include in the body of the E-mail (not in the subject line) a line that says:

Subscribe fetus-l 

(the last character in fetus-l is lower case "L" not a "i" or a "1"

(you may cut Subscribe fetus-l  and paste it if you want)

Your E-mail should look like the one below:


Here is the full set of command that are available: 

  • Subscribe: subscribe fetus-l  [e-mail-address]
  • Unsubscribe: unsubscribe fetus-l 
  • Digest: subscribe fetus-l -digest
  • Cancel digest: unsubscribe fetus-l -digest
  • (A copy of your post is sent automatically; no option for vacation/no mail)

Names between brackets [] are optional


How to send a message

Send an E-mail to and include in the subject line a short title. Do run your spell checker before clicking send.


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