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Harriet J. Paltiel, MD
Ultrasound of the Pediatric Chest: Fever, Cough and Respiratory Distress
Released: Oct 26, 2014 | Time: 31 min
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Gary J. Whitman, M.D
Breast Cancer Staging with Ultrasound
Released: Oct 19, 2014 | Time: 30 min
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Philips Develops Wind-Up Fetal Doppler Heart Rate Monitor
Philips announces collaboration with PowerFree Education Technology (PET) to commercialize innovative hand-cranked Fetal Heart Rate Monitor for Africa. Partnership aimed at addressing the high rates of preventable infant mortality across the continent.

New hospital in Qatar to provide to provide point-of-care radiology
A new hospital set to open in Qatar in 2015 hopes to change the traditional department-based radiology model by embedding radiologists directly in clinical areas.

An iPad-based Ultrasound Machine
The Oscult is a iPad-based ultrasound system being developed by the company Oscadi.

Ultrasound a New Tool for Children With Speech Errors
Speech therapists are using ultrasound imaging to help fix the hardest speech problem in children.

UK medical students named masters of ultrasound
A group of University of Kentucky medical students called the “Sonokittens” have distinguished themselves as the world’s savviest student sonographers with a win at the first-ever World Cup of Ultrasound Competition.

VEGFR-targeted ultrasound may improve detection of pancreatic cancer
Ultrasound with a vascular endothelial growth factor receptor type 2 (VEGFR2)-targeted contrast agent allowed for noninvasive detection of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) in a transgenic mice model.

Ultrasound-Guided Device Aims To Reduce Central Line Complications
A new ultrasound-guided vascular access device could help reduce complications associated with central venous line (CVL) placement, researchers said. The device uses ultrasound to map the path of the access device’s needle tip.

Robotic echo brings skills of trained sonographers to remote areas
A recent study in JACC Imaging sought to extend the reach of echocardiography performed by trained sonographers by using a robotic platform to enable remote performance of studies. That was paired with a tele-consultation performed by a cardiologist.

Step aside, stethoscope — OHSU is championing the Ultrasound alternative
Oregon Health & Science University hosted the third World Congress for Ultrasound in Medical Education last week, highlighting the growing role of ultrasound in medical education and as a diagnostic tool.

Stanford engineers develop tiny, sound-powered chip to serve as medical device
Using ultrasound to deliver power wirelessly, Stanford researchers are working on a new generation of medical devices that would be planted deep inside the body to monitor illness, deliver therapies and relieve pain.

Ultrasound finds RA disease activity despite clinical remission
Ultrasound imaging finds continuing inflammation in patients with clinical remission of rheumatoid arthritis. Without imaging, therapy may be discontinued too early.

Less Radiation-based Imaging in Cardiac Stress Tests Could Add up to Managed Care Win, Study Finds
Overuse of radiographic imaging for cardiac stress tests is harming both patients and the healthcare system by exposing too many to unnecessary radiation and by adding half a billion dollars a year to the nation's healthcare tab.

SDMS Celebrates Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month
Sonographers touch, and change, the lives of more than 1 million patients a day

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound increases diagnostic certainty
The authors concluded that musculoskeletal ultrasound, when added to routine rheumatologic investigation, greatly increases the diagnostic certainty in patients referred for the evaluation of inflammatory arthritis.

High-intensity Ultrasound Effective for Treating Cesarean Scar Pregnancy
High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) can play a role in treating cesarean scar pregnancy (CSP), according to a small study published in the October issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

FDA approves a new ultrasound imaging agent
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Lumason (sulfur hexafluoride lipid microsphere) for patients whose ultrasound image of the heart (echocardiograms) are hard to see with ultrasound waves. Lumason is marketed by Bracco Diagnostics Inc.

Cost Effectiveness of Bedside Ultrasound in Pediatric ER Care
A third-year medical student at the University of Louisville has now led a group of researchers from five universities in determining that bedside ultrasound is cost-effective in the pediatric emergency room.

Bedside Ultrasound has its day – and evangelists galore
“We use it for everything from head to toe and skin and organs,” says emergency medicine instructor at Stanford

Thync Has Raised $13M To Change Your Mood With Ultrasound Waves (And Electricity)
Using a combination of ultrasound and electricity applied to specific parts of the brain, the startup says it’ll be able to induce strong feelings of energy or calmness.

Preoperative ultrasound imaging of thyroid cancer essential to preventing additional surgeries
The use of comprehensive preoperative imaging enables complete initial surgical removal of thyroid cancer and associated metastases from cervical lymph nodes, according to the American Thyroid Association’s Statement on Preoperative Imaging for Thyroid Cancer Surgery.

Wind-up heart rate monitor will help save Africa's babies
A wind-up fetal heart rate monitor that will help curb the high rates of preventable infant deaths in Africa is being further developed and commercialised in a partnership between PowerFree Education Technology, a South African non-profit organisation, and global technology firm, Royal Philips.

Microbubbles Help Ultrasound See Blood Vasculature Like Never Before
Researchers at Kings College London devised a technique during which a small volume of microbubbles were injected into the ear of a mouse. Individual bubbles were detected and tracked to create a super-resolved ultrasound map of blood flow.

ZetrOZ gets grants to develop therapeutic ultrasound for astronauts
ZetrOZ has been awarded grants to develop wearable sustained acoustic medicine (SAM) ultrasound technology for a self-applied treatment for back pain in astronauts.

FDA seeks permanent injunction against Pharmaceutical Innovations, Inc.
The U.S. FDA is seeking a permanent injunction to stop Pharmaceutical Innovations Inc. from manufacturing, marketing, selling, and distributing medical products until they come into compliance with all applicable FDA requirements.

More doctors tuned to ultrasound’s frequency
Since the 1970s, however, ultrasound has become, quietly and steadily, the Swiss Army knife of health care, with an ever-expanding repertoire of functions... Ultrasound’s trajectory has been mission creep of the best possible sort.

Handheld ultrasound trounces physical exams for accuracy, cost
Cardiologists who used a handheld ultrasound were more likely to make an accurate diagnosis of patients with common cardiovascular abnormalities than colleagues who relied on a physical exam

MicroRNA test can improve preop pancreatic cancer diagnosis
Efficacy of endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration for diagnosis of pancreatic cancer can be improved by addition of microRNA-based testing of specimens

Ultrasound better than Electrodiagnostic Testing for confirming clinical dx Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
In select group of patients, ultrasound can be used to confirm the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome with better specificity and equal sensitivity as compared with those of electrodiagnostic testing.

3D Technologies Poised to Change How Doctors Diagnose Cancers
Scientists at the Food and Drug Administration are studying the next generation of screening and diagnostic devices, some of which borrow from the world of entertainment.

Low-Frequency Low-Power Ultrasound for Glaucoma
This research study reports use of a low-power, low-frequency, focused therapeutic ultrasound device for glaucoma (TUG). The treatment is designed to trigger an inflammatory reaction in the anterior chamber angle and trabecular meshwork to enhance outflow of fluid.