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2007-10-08-12 Urethral atresia © Syla www.thefetus.net/
Urethral atresia 

Bajram H. Syla, MD*; Shqipe Fetiu, MD**; Shpresa Tafarshiku, MD*.

*   Gynecological Clinic  “Dr. Bajrami” , Ferizaj , Kosova;
**  University Clinical Center – Gynecological Clinic, Pristine, Kosova.

Case report

A 25-year-old woman (G2P1) first time presented in out unit at 12 weeks of pregnancy and a markedly distended urinary bladder of the fetus was found on the ultrasound examination. The following ultrasound scan was performed three weeks later and found fetal demise with severe oligohydramnios and distended urinary bladder. The findings were consistent with the urethral atresia which was confirmed by pathological examination.


Images 1 and 2: 12 weeks of pregnancy. Images show massively distended urinary bladder of the fetus.


Images 3 and 4: 12 weeks of pregnancy. The color Doppler images show massively distended urinary bladder of the fetus. Umbilical arteries are visible passing around the urinary bladder.


Images 5 and 6: 15 weeks of pregnancy. The images show massively distended urinary bladder of the fetus and severe oligohydramnios. The fetal demise was diagnosed. The deformed fetal skull (Spalding phenomenon) can be seen on the left part of the image 6.


Images 7 and 8: Pathological specimens showing the distended abdomen of the fetus.



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