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2007-01-22-15 Umbilical vein varix © Freddy www.thefetus.net/

Umbilical vein varix

David Freddy, MD.



This is 39-year-old P2G3 scanned at 28th week of pregnancy. We discovered an intraabdominal "cystic structure" 10x11 mm next to the umbilical cord insertion and umbilical vein. Color Doppler revealed venous flow and continuation with umbilical vein. This finding was consistent with an umbilical vein varix. The woman was hospitalized at 33 weeks of pregnancy due to premature contractions, but the previous ultrasound finding disappeared in that time. She delivered at 35th week of pregnancy. The baby had no problems. Here are some of the images obtained at 28th week of pregnancy.

Images 1, 2. "Cystic" structure between urinary bladder and umbilical cord insertion consistent with umbilical vein varix.


Images 3, 4. 2D image if umbilical vein varix (left) and Doppler flow inside umbilical vein varix (right).


Images 5, 6. Color Doppler flow inside umbilical vein varix.


Images 7, 8. Sagittal planes showing Doppler flow inside umbilical vein varix.


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