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Teresita L. Angtuaco, MD, FACR, FAIUM, FSRU
Embedded Ultrasound Reading Station: A Resident-Initiated Solution to Enhance the Ultrasound Rotation Experience
Lecture Id: 4208 | Released On : 6/10/2019 | Time : 15 mins

Upon completion of this educational activity the participant should be able to recognize issues that affect resident learning, list precipitating factors that increase residents’ workload and review the solution initiated by a Radiology resident to enhance the ultrasound rotation.

About This Lecture: The speaker discusses the experience of a Radiology resident-initiated solution to enhance resident’s ultrasound rotation and make it more beneficial.

Topics mentioned in this video :

Resident rotation and routine,Chronic issues,Precipitating factors,Resident-initiated solution,Immediate advantages,Initial observations