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Mission & Purpose

Purpose is a website dedicated to presenting cases and articles in the field of fetal medicine and ultrasound prenatal diagnostic.’s purpose is to provide free educational material to ultrasound practitioners worldwide. Cases presented on the website serve as an important study material for website users in order to increase their knowledge of fetal medicine and improve the delivery of patient care. The website is systematically supplied by up-to-date information provided by its supporters. is supervised by a panel of experts in the field, in order to assure the quality of published information.


Target Audience serves a worldwide audience of ultrasound practitioners, healthcare professionals, parents and students.


Content Areas
Content areas cover all aspects of fetal medicine; genetics, fetal development, prenatal screening, ultrasonography, fetoscopy, fetal surgery and maternal diseases or conditions that may affect the fetus.


Types of Activities
The types of activities that provide are articles with images and videos; interactive lectures; multimedia applications on DVD; live events including conference and courses.


Scope produces educational material and services that provide information on fetal medicine imaging, bring users a large quantity of valuable images and information to improve their diagnostic skills. collects unique data from the worldwide suppliers and brings new and additional information on fetal anomalies and pregnancy complications. The archived data on specific topic are compiled into interactive lectures and courses. serves as a website where ultrasound practitioners exchange their skills and knowledge and consult their cases with renowned experts in the field of fetal medicine. The’s website contains trustful information which is free and easily accessible for its users.


Expected Results’s main goal is to provide free educational activities that lead to improved patient care. The”s activities are designed to improve the skills and widen the range of knowledge of its target audience in the field of fetal medicine.