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2007-09-05-11 Axillary lymphangioma © Andreeva www.thefetus.net/
Axillary lymphangioma

Elena Andreeva, MD; Natalia Odegova, MD; Natalia Bortnovskaya, MD; Yulia Nikolaeva, MD.

Medica Genetic Center, Gomel, Belarus. 


Case report

A 32-year-old G2P1 with noncontributive history presented at 36 weeks of pregnancy. Her ultrasound screening at 21st week was normal. The ultrasound in 36th week discovered a axillary lymphangioma (91x63x56 mm). The neonate was delivered at 39 weeks (3855 g, 52 cm, Apgar 7, 8). The diagnosis was confirmed postnatally.

Images 1, 2: 36 weeks of pregnancy. Color Doppler and gray scale images showing large hypoechoic lesion in axillary region representing lymphangioma.


Images 3, 4: Image 3 - 36 weeks of pregnancy; gray scale images showing big hypoechoic lesion in axillary region representing lymphangioma. Image 4 - postnatal appearance of the baby with axillary lymphangioma.


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