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Sandra J. Allison, MD
Peripheral Nerve Sonography
Lecture Id: 4176 | Released On : 3/18/2019 | Time : 26 mins

Upon completion of this educational activity the participant should be able to describe the ultrasound appearance of normal peripheral nerves, list the findings associated with nerve entrapment and describe pitfalls one may encounter when scanning nerves for entrapment.

About This Lecture: The speaker discusses normal anatomy as well as common pathologies of the peripheral nerves.

Topics mentioned in this video :

Normal sonographic appearance of nerves, Peripheral nerve pathology, Nerve entrapment, Common nerve entrapment syndromes, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Cubital tunnel syndrome, Radial nerve, Posterior interosseous nerve entrapment, Foot drop, Intraneural ganglion cyst, Morton’s neuroma, Schwannoma, Trauma, Cubital tunnel syndrome, Snapping elbow