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To vax or not to vax, that is the question!

To vax or not to vax, that is the question! Here in California, we were the first state to implement vaccine mandates for healthcare workers, with a deadline of 9/30/21.

Like so much in our culture, the issue seemed to become entwined in current political debate circles. This is perplexing, since as healthcare workers we have lived with mandatory vaccines our entire careers, including hepatitis B/C, tetanus, MMR, diptheria. What makes this one different?

I’ve given this serious thought, and ultimately I find myself thinking of the “Hippocratic oath” which at its foundation is “maxim primum non nocere” first do no harm.

I must do everything in my power to assure patients that I will in fact keep them safe, help them heal, and assist them in any way I can in their healthcare journey.


I do admit I had my own initial reservations about the vaccine, but had to consider that my organization has many Phd’s and MD’s with much greater education than my own, that could vet out the science for me. I also felt assured that my employer would not incur the risk (and litigation) of administering a medication that was not properly vetted.

Vaccine sign up, here I come.

It’s been particularly perplexing to me to watch sonographers with years of education resign from their positions due to the vaccine mandate. The average sonographer has 4-6 years of education post high school, add in years of career experience and they are throwing in the towel on 10-20 years of effort. There are no hospitals in the state of California that will hire un-vaccinated sonographers (medical and religious exemptions are allowed) so I can only assume they are moving out of state, uprooting their families,  a big price to pay.


Most sonographers I know really love their careers so I assume the un-vaccinated have carefully considered their choices. I leave you with this thought.…..for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (Sir Isaac Newton). Understand what you are choosing, and whether the consequences are what you desire for your life.


Candace Goldstein, B.S. RDMS

Sonography Educator Scripps Clinic

San Diego, California